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As promised, today we’re taking a close look at what makes a WordPress site Hot, or Lame! (or.. was it “Not”? can’t ever remember)

Most of us ask ourselves why some of our sites just won’t work. They just seem to suck in all of our energy, we put a lot of time and effort into them, yet they just won’t take off. And we don’t know why. It’s frustrating our brains inside out!

Well, I finally have some good news for you: There is a way in which to ensure that your site will take off (at least from a tech-based and marketing science point of view). Yes, it’s science!

We’ve worked on this method for a lot of time, that’s why I’m happy to show it to you in class today. We’ve tested a lot (hundreds) of sites to see what made them tick, and what were the factors that really influenced their success.

What you’ll see in the example below, is a report that shows (in numbers) what chance a website has of actually being real competition for some other sites in the same field.

It’s built for a test site that we own and that we filled with content (quite nonsensical for humans), just to show off the capabilities of the new automated reports, you’ll be receiving every single week from now on, to help you improve your site and check against potential SEO or traffic problems.

The whole report takes into account the chances that a website has of competing with any other sites online.

PRO Tip: Try to get your overall score to over 84, and you’ll start being competitive. Anything lower than 84 will require your immediate attention, if you wish to attract good masses of readers over the next few months.

You will see on the example all the important areas that make a site competitive: Blogging (yes, blogging makes people trust you and search engines love you for blogging, especially after the latest Google Panda updates), Traffic (because it’s a must to have readers and bring in readers for the content you publish), SEO (most of it, you have covered if you enabled the automatic SEO settings of Squirrly SEO plugin.

Some of them will require a few extra steps. Plugins like All-In-One SEO and Yoast are also good at fixing these issues.

There are 19 aspects you have to pay attention to), Social (I can’t stress enough how important social media has become for showing search engines that Humans love you a lot. Included are important aspects that will ensure you’ll get social love from your readers), Links (because it’s great to get valuable links from important sites) and Authority (which you will read a lot about in the reports).

The best thing in our opinion is all the content that you will find in the reports and the ability of the recommended content to help you actually improve all those areas of your site, and have your marketing activities become the real deal.

Okay, this is it for today. Look at the example, see why this website fails to bring in traffic and think of how you’d improve it.

Remember: over this week, you’ll also receive your own reports by email, under the label SEO Audit by Squirrly. You’ll need to check them out and start working on them.

See you in class again in 2 days.

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Alexandra Nicola