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Author: April

Lesson 6: Secrets, Dark Social And Posting Like a Social Media Rockstar

The things you don’t know will be the things that stop you. Click To Tweet We’ve entered the world of Dark Social, which is such a fancy name. It also sounds so SciFi. Still, it’s not something you as a marketer can ignore. In a perfect world, we’d just go ahead right now and post to the communities that we’ve researched back in Lesson 5. We’d post there, people would love to click to read the articles we wrote about. And we’d get new unique visitors to the website. We’d also get to see in Google Analytics exactly what...

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Why Squirrly Is the Best Option for Woocommerce SEO

When it comes to taking care of SEO tasks for a Woocommerce shop, looking over every aspect from URL to description optimizations, is not only crucial but mandatory. You want to be certain that every possible visitor sees your site in order to actually make a purchase. But taking care of Woocommerce SEO without any help, might seem like a daunting task. That’s why we’re showing you today, how Squirrly plugin can help your online store when it comes to optimizing for both Humans and Bots. We’re going to focus on the main features that will help you as a store...

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Lesson 5: Enter Communities. The Final Frontier on your Way to 300 Readers for Each Blog Article

All that you’ve learned until now in this course has lead you to this point. This is one of the most powerful lessons from this whole course, but you couldn’t have gotten to it until now, because you just weren’t ready. Now that you finally have knowledge regarding the best hours at which to post messages on your social media accounts, you know the hashtags you should use and you also know how to ask proper questions and give amazing replies, you’re finally ready. Ready to unlock massive growth for your blog. Click To Tweet You will never get...

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Lesson 4: How to use Quora for your marketing strategy and get more readers for your blogs

Hey, It’s good to see you today for the 4th Lesson of our new course, that will help you get to 300 readers / blog article. This time around, I will show you how the hashtags that you researched in the previous lesson will help you build up some amazing traffic by answering the right questions on Quora. You know the No Talk. All Action motto of this new course you’re getting from Squirrly. Oh well, since not so many of you are familliar with Quora, it’s best that we have a bit of talk, so we can explain to you...

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Lesson 3: 300 readers and Hashtag Research

Thanks for opening this lesson up for a good read. In Lesson 2, we started working on improving the way we post updates on social media to our followers. We basically showed you how we did it and made you implement the best tactics yourself. See? This is the best thing about this course: you get to implement from us just the stuff that works, and you don’t have to go through everything and mess up like we did until we found this #winning method. So, let’s begin with Lesson 3 and show you the benchmark box for this...

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