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Author: Alexandra Nicola

Lesson 4: Finding the Right Spin You Can Give Your Article to Have it Spread Like Wildfire

There’s nothing better than having a class on Saturday, is there? Well, you know what they say: „there’s no rest for the wicked”, so let’s get into some more wicked stuff that would make most SEOs be like: “oh, you heathen!”. What I’m talking about is of course, optimizing content for Humans, which most people who do SEO fail to consider, even though best selling authors and award winning journalists have been doing it for years. In lessons 2 and 3 I showed you how to research and find your profitable topic, but research doesn’t really end there, even...

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Lesson 3: Optimizing Your Content For Humans Part II

Last time we’ve discussed the importance of optimizing content for Humans, because even though some of the visitors you’ll get come from search engines, it’s Humans that you ultimately wish to engage with your content. They are the ones who you want seeing you as an expert, buying products or services from you and so on. That’s why I started showing you how to begin optimizing for Humans. If you didn’t manage to get last week’s lesson (Lesson 2), then here’s the link: The mindset here is important, because we’re no longer focusing on how to find data that’s...

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Lesson 2: Optimizing Your Content For Humans: Identifying Your Profitable Topic

It’s great to see you in class today, for what is the second lesson of our second training program. Nowadays you hear a lot about optimizing things for search engines, and it’s useful to take care of that aspect, but the risk of doing such is that you’ll miss the whole point: it’s humans that you want reading your articles. Oh, man.. Now we’re in trouble.   The ones who’re supposed to be bringing you in some nice moola, moola (just an awful slang for money) are People. Humans, like you and me. And we don’t care about seeing...

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Bonus Lesson: How to Meet Customer Expectations with Amazing Content

In our 5 Lesson series, we’ve stressed upon the fact that in Expectation Marketing it is important to know how to meet customer expectations. That translates into answering your audience’s questions. But there is one dilemma on your team’s mind: What are these questions? So in our bonus lesson today, we’ll show you how you can find out what your audience is searching for. We are also going to recommend some great tools and systems to constantly receive your audience’s questions. Gathering Your Interactions Not Just Answering Them We’ve mentioned in the past articles that comments, reactions, and tweets...

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Lesson 5: The Benefits and Mistakes of Applying Expectation Marketing

As I’ve promised in the last lesson, here we’ll focus on the short and long-term benefits of expectation marketing. We will also concentrate on some of the most common mistakes. This way you can keep in mind not to make them in your efforts of implementing this strategy. To better understand each case, I will present the examples and the connected mistake you should avoid in parallel. So let’s start with the immediate changes you will see. The Short-Term Outcome of Expectation Marketing One of the first things that change with this strategy, even before publishing the first article, is...

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