There is no denying that social media offers huge opportunities to grow your WordPress site. Nowadays, if you want to increase your content’s chances of being successful and reaching a wider audience, you have to share it on social media.

It’s not just a good idea; it’s imperative to do so in order to generate more traffic.

Just think about it. If someone shares one of your posts with their friends and followers, it starts to get exposure. Now if the friends, in turn, share it within their social circle as well, then you’ve got the ball rolling and your post will spread like wildfire.

Now that we’ve established how important social media is for your website’s growth, the question that naturally follows is:

How can you leverage all its potential?

Thankfully, there are several tools out there that can allow you to smoothly integrate social media functionalities on your WordPress page – and make effectively managing your social media accounts a lot easier.

Let’s have a look at some of the finest tools and plugins you can start using from now on. With them at your side, social media sharing will become smooth sailing.

1. Squirrly Social

Squirrly Social is a social media powerhouse that should definitely be on your radar. In a way, you can think of it as the new kid on the social media block that has all the coolest toys that everyone wants to play with.

The best way to describe this tool would be to call it a social media wizard. It offers you a treasure trove of features that focus on making social media publishing a breeze.

To list some of them:

  • Blog directly to your social media. Allows your posts to be directly shared across most popular social media platforms without you having to lift an extra finger.
  • Auto Content Recycling. You can set your content to be shared multiple times and you choose the interval and the frequency.

  • The Social Media Assistant for curated posts. The Assistant surfaces relevant content from trusted publishers so that you always have something new and interesting to share with your audience. What’s more, you can instantly add hashtags and emojis to posts with just one click.

And all the features I mentioned here barely scratch the surface of what Squirrly Social has to offer.

2. Social Warfare

Social Warfare is a social media sharing plugin that focuses on ease-of-use, with the added benefit of having a design that is non-intrusive and pleasing to the eye.

What it does, basically, is to allow you to add social media buttons to your pages, giving visitors the possibility to quickly share your posts. It covers a wide variety of social media platforms, allowing your posts to reach different audiences.

It puts a lot of emphasis on convenience, as the button’s slick design seems to fit in with any type of page layout, without looking out of place. Moreover, these buttons keep your pages’ load times low.

Newer versions have come to include nifty features such as Share Recovery. It allows you to recover share counts that would have been lost if you were to change your domain name.

The saying “it’s the little things that count” seems to hold up for Social Warfare. Overall, it is a simple plugin that packs quite a punch.

3. AddtoAny

Calling AddtoAny a plugin would be an understatement. The term that best describes it is “social media sharing tool“, due to its plethora of features.

The plugin gives you the possibility to add social media sharing buttons to your page. These buttons are heavily customizable and allow you to add a lot of neat features to them.

For example, you can make them display the share count or have a Follow feature right next to them.

person holding a space gray iPhone 6 and black case

Having been around since 2006, it is a WordPress veteran. You’ll most likely appreciate the fact that it allows you to smoothly integrate it on your page without any hassle.

By far, its most impressive trait is the sheer coverage that it offers. AddtoAny reaches over 100 social media sites and apps. If you want your content to reach a certain platform, chances are that AddtoAny has it.

4. Simple Social Icons

If you thought Social Warfare had cool minimalist buttons, then the next plugin has a set of buttons that will totally steal the show.

It’s as easy and as intuitive as the name suggests. Simple Social Icons allows you to display social media icons in a sidebar widget.

social media sharing tools

You can set it all up in one or two clicks. All you have to do is choose a color for the icons so they match your blog’s theme, align them, set up the social media links and then you are good to go.

Sadly, it has a limited number of social media platforms that you can integrate. Yet, on the flip side, it has all the popular ones, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

5. Revive Old Posts

Keeping users engaged across your social media accounts requires a lot of work. You have to post regularly to keep your audience engaged, which can become quite cumbersome.

Thankfully, there’s a plugin that helps you share your post automatically on social media – but with a twist. Revive Old Posts, as the name implies, focuses on sharing older posts from your page.

person using phone

Basically, it allows you to share old content from your WordPress pages to your social media accounts. All you need to do is to set up the frequency with which it’ll share the posts – and that’s it.

The software will automatically share the posts, and your social media accounts will be more lively. And, on the plus side, it will allow users to get familiar with some of your older posts which they probably haven’t seen before.

And That About Wraps It Up

There are many interesting social media sharing tools you can leverage to make the most out of the potential social media has to offer. Yet, we had to narrow down our picks to include only the ones that we consider to be the best.

Give them a try and share your experience using them in the comments section below.

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