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Author: Alexandra Nicola

Lesson 4 – Let’s Get to Work and Apply This New Marketing System

It’s all cute and sweet to talk about how this strategy works and what you’ll get after you apply Expectation Marketing but let’s get hustling. In the last lesson, we’ve given you a helping hand to audit your current plan. You now know if you have the key elements of the strategy. If you haven’t done the audit yet, make sure to evaluate your site first. In this article, we’ll focus on your options for how to get started. We’ll also go through each element of the audit and tell you which actions you should be taking. I Want...

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Lesson 3: How to Audit Your Site to See If You’re Doing Expectation Marketing Right

By now you know what expectation marketing is and what advantages it can bring you. But is your marketing strategy going in the right direction? Or are you completely off when it comes to meeting the expectations of your audience? Today I’ll offer you a complete step by step guide on how to do an audit of your site. By applying this, you’ll know for sure if you’re doing expectation marketing right or not. The Resource for Your Expectation Marketing Audit To make the whole process easier, I created a short form. It’s a list of questions that will follow the lines of...

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Lesson 2: Why Is Expectation Marketing Important For Your Business

In our first lesson, we’ve talked about becoming experts in Expectation Marketing, what it actually is and how it helped us gain the trust of our visitors. If you haven’t seen it yet, start here. All of this information is a good thing to have, but let’s find out how it can positively impact your own business and marketing strategy. So today we’ll focus on: The benefits of the Expectation Marketing Strategy for your own site What it actually looks like when brands use it Our Client’s Success stories with the strategy. Your Brand’s Personal Benefits with Expectation Marketing...

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Lesson 1: How Your Marketing Strategy Can Really Work

In the digital world, there have been several trends that have come and gone. That’s why the winning companies have found a Marketing Strategy that works well regardless of the dynamic nature of the world wide web. We see that all these changes, as well as the whole experience of the internet, have changed our customer’s behaviors. Not just online, but offline as well. I’m talking about the immediate urge to check your phone when searching in a shop. Or browsing for a coupon online before buying a new product. This is what the audience expects to find. The companies...

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Lesson 1 Course 2: The 6 Aspects that Make WordPress Sites Take Off, Or Crash Down

Thanks for joining the class 🙂 As promised, today we’re taking a close look at what makes a WordPress site Hot, or Lame! (or.. was it “Not”? can’t ever remember) Most of us ask ourselves why some of our sites just won’t work. They just seem to suck in all of our energy, we put a lot of time and effort into them, yet they just won’t take off. And we don’t know why. It’s frustrating our brains inside out! Well, I finally have some good news for you: There is a way in which to ensure that your site...

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