Why You Should Buy Articles for Your Content Marketing Strategy

There are numerous ways to make your content marketing strategy work. We have presented a few of them in articles we’ve written on our blog and in the courses we have created for you over time. You can learn how to make it big in the inbound marketing world, but it’s going to take a lot of time and effort.

But then again, you can just buy articles for your website and be done with the content creation process this way.

So let’s find out what the main reasons you should invest in custom-made articles are:

It’s best to leave the writing to the writers

The main reason this is an excellent idea for you is because, even if you take care of the content marketing strategy of the company and learn all the things that are required, you still might not have the writing experience, nor the necessary talent.

That’s why you should buy articles from professional writers or writing agencies. They specialize in delivering content for websites. Therefore, they can do a better job at actually writing engaging content for the audience you target.

They are also passionate about writing, so they do it with a lot of enthusiasm and pleasure.

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They spend years learning how to write proficiently. They can quickly redirect themselves towards Internet marketing because they have one of the most important skills: persuasion. This makes them the best choice when it comes to creating unique content for your website on a regular basis.

buy articles

You can buy articles to save time

Another reason this strategy is a better approach, in the long run, is because expert writers already know how to do the research and how to integrate it efficiently.

This translates into quality work delivered on time. You can buy articles with a specific target in mind, such as a marketing campaign, and have the materials ready and waiting for your leads and audience.

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In the case that you give this task to an employee who already has his or her hands full, you’ll just receive content that needs to be revised several times before being ready for publishing.

Moreover, you will have to give them more time than a professional because they need to build up their workflow to deliver relevant content.

And by the time he or she will be able to provide the same quality content as when you buy articles, too much time would have already gone by.

It costs you less than hiring a full-time writer

Your other alternative is to bring a professional into your company. But this does not mean that it is a cost-effective solution. The average salary of a web content writer is $50,000 according to Indeed, and the pay is continually rising.

Now, making the presumption that the primary job of a content creator is to write articles, including the research that needs to be done and the basic SEO that is mandatory, we calculated how much money this would represent if you would buy articles instead.

There are 22 working days in a month. Let’s presume that he or she writes seven long-form articles, and the other 15 are short articles of 500 words. Referencing this to the pricing we have here at Squirrly, you would get around $1,450 a month.

This monthly sum would get you to $17.400 a year. Let’s say $20,000 a year to be sure. I decided to add those $3,600 there, to include possible e-books or other extra materials.

But even so, it’s still not even half of what you would pay a content writer who is hired only by your company.

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buy articles

However, there is an extra cost associated with hiring in-house personnel. It all depends on the amount of content you need on a regular basis.

There might be campaigns where you will need a lot of articles and materials for your website, while some other times two articles per week will do.

When you have a content writer on the payroll, you need to pay him or her even when the content he or she creates isn’t necessary. If you work with an agency, you can have a dedicated writer who offers you those two articles a week without requiring you to pay more.

When you buy articles for a campaign, the agency can put two or more writers to work on it to get the materials done in time.

You get articles from people who excel at what they do

An aspect that is often neglected is the fact that when you don’t buy articles and don’t have a full-time writer, the people who end up creating the content are those who have other tasks to deal with.

For them, creating content is a small part of their job, and it is piled on top of the work they enjoy. After all, you didn’t hire them for content creation.

In the end, this is an unwanted task they will postpone as long as possible. Thus, the quality will be mediocre. The sad part is that the audience will notice this and your content marketing plan will not have the results you hoped for because the content is not at the level you need it to be.

In this case, buying articles will not just help you with those results, but will also let your employees focus on their primary jobs.

Overall, this will result in higher productivity. Moreover, they will be happier with their job and the company. You will also give them more time to focus on the problems they want to tackle without an adverse outcome on your website content.

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The wow factor of freelancers and agencies

The significant part of deciding to buy articles from a third party outside your company is that they will constantly want to amaze you with the work they do for you.

Why? Because they need more clients. That means getting recommendations, referrals, and testimonials from you in order to acquire more customers. This applies to agencies just as much as it does to freelance writers.

buy articles

Them being concerned with the level of satisfaction you have with their services is an advantage for you, as they will deliver on their promises. In many ways, when you buy articles from qualified, good sources, you will be pleased to find out that they did their best to even surpass themselves.

Since they’re not in the same office as you are, their best chance to impress you is through their work. It also means that they will respect your deadlines in some cases more than your employees do.

It also means that they will respect your deadlines in some cases more than your employees do.

You get to build a relationship with the content creator

Even though the plan to buy articles is a good strategy for most websites, with even big companies taking this approach, it is important to get to know your content provider very well. Researching them, taking a good look at their profile, website, portfolio and maybe even testing them out on the first article is imperative.

Like any great collaboration, this one is based on trust as well. Imagine that the writer will deliver relevant, unique, quality content.

The best way to start this relationship is first to establish the requirements you have before you buy articles from them. After that, see how many of these requirements they meet.

If you are not certain of their skills or experience and the work ethic they have, you will not be able to create the fruitful relationship that it is needed in this case.

Establishing a close collaborative relationship with the content creator or the account manager of your content is required because of the benefits it offers.

The professional relationship developed with the person you buy articles from will mean a better familiarization with the voice of your brand, your marketing efforts and the strategy you are going to implement in the next months.

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Offering them information will help them have a better understanding of the whole process. For example, giving them access to the marketing schedule will let them know when you are preparing to launch a new product, so they can get the field ready beforehand.

Sending them information about the product will help them create more elaborate and more specific content for the audience you want to attract.

The advantage for you is that you don’t need to spend extra time to create these documents, as they are already designed for the whole work process of your company.buy articles

Another significant advantage to buying articles is that, in the long run, your audience will get used to the same style of writing, something that is crucial for the client base.

When they receive high-quality, informative material in the same way that they expect it to be delivered, it is easier for you to convince them to accept other products as well.

The continuity of the articles will also make more sense than commissioning articles from many different writers.

Collaboration won’t be an issue with today’s technology

Another reason why it’s better to buy articles nowadays is because all this great technology we have makes collaborating with someone who is halfway across the world easy.

There are numerous marketing tools that we use online, and many of them are created for collaborative work.

Keeping a close eye on the workflow and giving specific deadlines can be done through Trello when there isn’t an account manager. Sometimes, you’ll need to have a meeting with the content creator which can be easily solved through a Skype or Google Hangout video conference.

But there is one tool that I want to talk more about which will seem important exactly when you buy articles.

Passle is a great platform that helps you keep track of the websites you visit when researching information relevant to a topic or another. I’ve been using it a lot lately whenever I do the research for my articles.

You can add websites quickly. It’s just a push of a button. You can add notes and take away the most important aspects of an article by just selecting them. Plus, the ability to add tags makes it easier to search through the whole pile of information at the end of the day.

But the part that I love the most about this platform and find very useful is that you can create private boards. Inside these boards, you can post materials that you find during your work hours and consider relevant or useful for your content creator.

The process is quite simple, but the effects are great.

You don’t need to email the information that you found to make sure the content creator looks over it. You post it on their board, and they can check the information out and the notes you left concerning it.

It is the helping hand when you are wondering “Have they heard about this? Have they seen it yet?”. I do recommend using one of these tools (there are more out there) if you work with an agency or freelancers.

All these different technologies also give you the opportunity to tap into the creative talent of other areas.

That might be a great benefit as they can bring a different perspective and style. Also, they might have more concrete access to information that is relevant to your industry.

If your company provides a niche product or service, finding someone familiar with the subject in your area might not be so easy.

Content agencies and freelancers offer niche-specific familiarization

One great benefit of outsourcing your content is that the people who you will work with are familiar with the niche. They already write on a regular basis on the subject and most likely know where to search for information and what ideas to pitch.

Knowing the main topic and what the biggest problems that people face are, makes them prepared from day one to deliver content which is relevant to you, your company, your audience and the whole industry.

When you decide to buy articles, this one aspect has no match. Your employees don’t have the time to get that familiar with clients’ problems, and in-house personnel will always have a vision which is more focused on the product than on the problems it solves.

Giving this task to a partner who can present your company and its products in a favorable light from the perspective of the client or the industry is what makes the content worth the investment.

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buy articles

Finding agencies to buy articles from for your domain requires just some real research. There are plenty of companies that offer content writing services for specific areas.

The same aspect can be found on the profiles of different writers. They usually state the field they are most interested in and have the longest experience with.

Following the people who write the most appealing content in your field might help you find those agencies and writers as well.

How it all looks in the end

If you do decide to buy articles, you will see that it has even more benefits to offer. The costs are better than hiring in-house, and you can get the quality you are searching for from people who want and know how to write for Internet audiences.

The only tricky part is finding the right people for the job. Even if there are numerous offers, be sure to take all the necessary steps to find the right partner for you to buy articles from.

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Have you ever bought articles before? Have you written for any company? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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