Why Visitors on Your Site Don’t Remember Your Brand and How to Fix It

Your website gets traffic, but it always seems that you have to work really hard for every single one of the visitors on your site – every single time. Does this sound familiar?

If so, it might be because you don’t get returning visitors to your pages and across all pages of your site.

The main reason why that happens is that they don’t remember your brand after the first visit and never come back. There are a few probable explanations for why this happens:

  • They don’t even know what site they’re on! This happens when you get referral traffic from social media or other sites. They might find the information provided on your page useful, but they don’t really see it’s a different site or brand.
  • Lack of inner linking. In order for visitors to stay in touch with your brand, they need to see more than one page. If not, they will just go back to the platform where they found your content and never reach your site again.
  • Not knowing how visitors who reach your site navigate it. Remember that not everyone starts with the Home page. When you don’t know how people get to one page or another on your site, there is no way of making sure they come back.
  • You don’t offer visitors chances to take any actions. They need a simple action such as liking your Facebook page, tweeting about a page or completing a quiz.

In this article, we’ll show you how to fix these issues by employing the principles of Expectation Marketing, a new strategy for helping visitors trust and remember your brand.

So keep on reading.

How to Meet Customers’ Expectations

Knowing what future clients are searching for is a first step to meeting their expectations. But in order to succeed at this, increase the number of returning visitors and possibly converting them into leads, there are several elements you need to have in mind.

Marketing-wise, you need to focus on:

  • Brand information being present on all pages of your site
  • Choosing the right topics for your content
  • Being a constant active Brand
  • Offering your audience options to stay connected
  • Making it easy for your audience to contact you

But site owners are in luck because in just a few weeks, the Expectation Marketing book is launching and its co-authors, Alexandra Petean-Nicola and Florin Muresan, are here to help you.

The tactics presented in these articles are part of their book and free course. So make sure you check them out to get more actionable ways of applying Expectation Marketing.

Providing Brand Information

Have you ever come across an interesting tweet and decided to go check out the page linked to it? You got to the site and the expected content was there, but you had no idea what site you were on.

Why? Because there was no brand name or company name on that page except the URL.

You need to make sure that each page on your site has at least the brand logo properly displayed so that people will be able to associate the content they found with your own brand.

You can start by checking your blog template pages, landing pages, and all Campaign pages. Make sure that regardless of where visitors to your site end up, they will know what site they’re on.

Make sure to add these elements to the pages that lack them:

  • Your company’s name
  • The logo
  • The motto or tagline

This information will help visitors associate the content with your business and help them remember the brand as well.

Choosing the Right Topics for The Visitors on Your Site

Finding the right subjects for the content on your website is not an easy task. Luckily, there are ways you can research them and find the best options on the internet.

The bonus lesson of the Expectation Marketing course explains all these options and how you can apply them to your own case.

You have to take into consideration the information you receive from your current audience and what people are searching for on the web.

Some of the channels you can use to gather what content your future audience wants to read are:

  • Feedback from your clients in social media comments
  • Support or sales emails
  • Reviews or articles that were written about you and your brand
  • Targeted surveys

All these channels can help you figure out what content you need to create whether you are an established brand or an early-day startup.

Becoming a Constant Active Brand

Have you ever found a company site and wanted to find out more about them just to click on social media profiles and find out that they haven’t been updated in years? Yep, that still happens.

But the great thing is you can make sure it’s not your company’s site that faces this problem. Expectation Marketing as a strategy focuses on you setting achievable goals and giving you the steps you need to take to achieve them.

Visitors on your site

An active brand will always start with a blog that constantly publishes amazing content. What you need to do is decide on a frequency you and your team can keep up with without compromising quality.

It would be best if you could publish fresh content at least once a week. Now, to make sure you can keep up this rhythm, gather up your team and start brainstorming ideas for the articles you plan on publishing a month from now.

Get the ideas written down and then start planning the process each piece needs to go through until it is ready to be published, namely:

  • Writing the draft
  • Quality Assurance check
  • Editing
  • Proofreading

You should have at least all pieces pass the first stage before publishing the first article. That way, you can reduce the risk of disrupting the pace at which you publish new articles.

With Social media, the story is quite similar. Try to prioritize your profiles based on the results they bring you and keep the ones that actually matter to your business and audience. Make sure to craft messages, research resources and publish on all of them.

Help Your Audience Stay Connected

Want most of the visitors to your site to come back? The secret is to have a way to remind them of your brand. That’s why you need to make sure that your site has easily accessible buttons for them to subscribe or follow.

You can start by checking that all social media follow buttons present on-site work properly. If you don’t already have them, you can easily add them with Add This.

Consider other options as well. RSS, for example, is still a valid option for a large variety of blogs. It’s a great way of making sure your latest articles reach your audience.

But the best way to stay in touch with your audience is still via email.

Pop-ups that gather email addresses for your newsletter have become the norm but that’s only because they are an effective option. The important thing is to ensure they don’t annoy your visitors. Also, they shouldn’t block access to the content of the site. And, of course, they should work properly.

Making it Easy for Your Audience to Contact You

Can first-time visitors easily figure out how they can contact you? Can they find your phone number or email on site? This is an important information, not just for first-time visitors but also for those who consider purchasing from your site.

According to Retailer Today on online shops, most buyers spend about 79 days researching before making major purchases. Contact information is just one piece of the puzzle that will determine them to purchase.

But it’s mandatory to not just have the information on the site but also for it to be easy to find when navigating.

Some of the best examples of companies that apply Expectation Marketing right add their contact information in the footer or header of the site. That way, regardless of how visitors navigate their site, they can easily find the information they are looking for.


When it comes to successfully applying Expectation Marketing for the best results, these articles only scratch the surface.

If you’re eager to have an active site and an all-around prolific brand, you can start working with the team behind this concept. They offer content creation services and a bulletproof process for creating them.

You can start today with one of their packages.

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