Why I wouldn’t choose WPEngine again for my online store on WordPress

[this article is an appendix to my guide on starting a successful online store with WordPress]

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Everything that WpEngine offers on their site sounds amazing. Security, managed hosting, staging / production, 24/7 ticketed support, daily backups of your site and many others.

When I had my first online store, GameDealsOnSteam.com (in 2014), I ended up conving my co-founders for the store to buy a WP Engine subscription. And it was perfect. Mostly, it was as advertised.

So why am I so upset at them?

Moving. After a while the Steam Games (computer games) we were selling on our store became harder to sell. We couldn’t keep up with the stocks as we used to. We offered massive discounts on everything you could buy in the Steam marketplace.

Because of this, we had to being lowering our costs. And we decided to move away from the wp engine hosting, because it became far more expensive than when we first signed up.

So we moved. That was the moment when we lost everything. The platform they have for their managed hosting injects lots of code into your WordPress installation and also in the database of our online store.

Yes, we succeeded in moving to a different host back then. It was done 100% by the book. Yet, the store no longer worked properly and we kept running into trouble.

It would’ve taken a lot of time to completely rebuild everything from the ground up, so we closed the store.

This is my experience. It’s the reason why in this guide this is the only thing I can say about it. My purpose is to help you make a great decision. Part of your research should include what I just told you. Just so you are aware of risks that may arise. I don’t know if they’ve changed the way they do business, but in 2014 this is what happened.

A lot of other blogs recommend using them. That’s mostly because the affiliate commission is huge, considering the price their platform costs.

So what hosting do you recommend for an online store with WordPress?

In my guide, I recommend better alternatives.

Also, if you want something of the same quality (and price range… not my cup of tea anymore, because we closed the shop) with WpEngine, and without the backstabbing go to: PressLabs


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