What to do before writing an article for your WordPress SEO blog ?

To make the most out of your articles, you need to first prepare your work for them. Today, we establish the steps you need to take before you start typing away on your WordPress SEO blog. You need to have some information clear before starting to make the most engaging articles ever.

Choosing the Hit Keyword

Before writing an article, it is very important to choose a keyword that is searched by readers. The best one for your WordPress SEO blog would be one you can easily rank for. With the Keyword Research Tool from Squirrly, you can find out really fast if it’s easy for your site to rank for a specific keyword.

It is also important to establish if there is any way to overcome your competition on that key phrase. Checking with your established core keywords first is a good starting point because you want your site to rank in SERPs for those keywords.

I do recommend using Squirrly Keyword Research because it takes important data about the competition and classifies the keywords according to the top 10 sites.

It is also the best way of starting your prep work for the article directly into your WordPress SEO blog. No need to jump around from one tab to another and lose focus on what you want to do initially.

How to Make Sure Your WordPress SEO Blog Stays On the Right Side of Google

Now that you have chosen your keyword, it needs to be used at a right density into your article. Also, you need to respect some basic rules that Matt Cutts keeps on talking about for your WordPress SEO blog to not suffer from Google updates.

That’s why the Squirrly Live Assistant checks the SEO part of the article as you write it. It’s much easier to identify that the article respects the guidelines before it is published.

The Visual Side of Each Article

We all know that images in articles are absolutely needed. If it’s infographic, ordinary images, or maybe a YouTube video that you attach to your WordPress SEO blog, the visual content makes the difference.

These are the elements that make everything spicier and more engaging. But you don’t always need an elaborate image that takes hours to create.

For each article, it is very important to choose a representative image that doesn’t have copyright restrictions. The Squirrly Inspiration Box find the images you need that don’t have restrictions or if they do, it will guide you the origin of the image.

This way, you’ll find out what conditions that image imposes if it is published on your WordPress SEO blog.

Integrating Other People’s Ideas into Your Post

Staying relevant and connected to the industry you write in is always very important. To make the most out this, we all quote or integrate ideas from other experts and influencers from the niches we work in.

But finding the appropriate ideas in articles or on social media sites might take a lot of our research time. That means time in which we browse the Internet and don’t write articles for our WordPress SEO blog.

If you want to add different people’s opinions fast in your articles and integrate this in your content creation phase, it’s easy.

With Squirrly Inspiration Box, you can fast import tweets, and read articles directly into your editor view. As you read them, you can add paragraphs from different blogs, sites, or Wikipedia. This will cut down on lots of your precious time, which you can spend editing your WordPress SEO blog.

In the end, you need to redirect your article toward other articles you’ve written. Only this way will you be able to take him through the whole funnel and turn your reader into a lead and then a client of your WordPress SEO blog.

The Squirrly Inspiration Box helps you again. With it, you’ll easily find other articles connected to the same topic inside your site that can be linked to. Adding the reference and link is very easy, taking just two clicks.

In the End

If the article is fully optimized, there is only one thing left to do. Publish. If not sure, listen to the Squirrly SEO Live Assistant and it will push your WordPress SEO blog closer to the first position in SERPs with each article.

If you need more details on how to use each and every one of these features into your own site, you can see further details in this other article.

Good luck and leave all of your questions below in the comment section! 

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