Using the best and latest Shopify Apps can give any E-commerce Shop owner a competitive advantage over their competition. But staying on top of all the changes and newly-launched tools can be a hassle on its own. That’s where Product Hunt comes in.

It is primarily a platform for whoever wants to showcase products to an audience of investors, journalists, and tech fans in general. If you know a great tool (whether it’s for Shopify or not) you can add it to the platform and become a hunter.

There have even been Shopify Store owners who have launched on Product Hunt. You can find their full stories here.

Besides the big advantages that it brings product owners, Product Hunt can also be an excellent resource for Online Store owners as well. The platform is full of early adopter users, and many startups are launching their product there first.

So if you want to be one of the first to hear about new Shopify Apps that are trending, you should create an account as soon as possible. You can find out about products before they are even launched in the Upcoming section of the platform.

Finding out about tools from day one and maybe even trying them before they are officially launched can give you a significant advantage over your competition. Some Makers offer great premium prices for early adopters that you’ll get to enjoy as long as you’re using the tool.

Without further ado, here are my top Shopify App picks from Product Hunt that can make any e-commerce store better:

1. Algolia for Shopify

A store can’t work properly without providing an excellent search experience. If you already have a lot of products listed in your shop, a search bar will help your visitors find the right product within seconds. That means a fast purchase, which should sound great to you.

I found Algolia on Product Hunt a long time ago through a targeted search, but it’s one of the most useful Shopify Apps to date. The reasons why I love it is that it works great on mobile – and it’s notably fast.

Also, it offers visitors autocompletion suggestions in addition to showing the most relevant results for any search. And you can even include Collections as suggested options for search. But you don’t have to take my word for it. You can head over to their Demo site and play with the search bar as much as you like.

I dare you to misspell some words.

Product Hunt Shopify Apps

As a store owner, a big advantage it offers you is the level of information provided. The app gives you detailed analytics on what people are searching for on your site. You can find out information about:

  • Queries (most popular one and also the ones that offer no results)
  • Filters (most used attributes and values)
  • Results (most returned results)
  • Click (the most clicked position and Click-Through-Rates)
  • Conversions (tracking from search to purchase)

And all this information can be integrated with other tools you might already be using.

Find out more about this Shopify App: 

2. Shop in Messenger by Shopify

Mobile traffic for Shopify Store has reached 72% of total traffic and 60% of orders in August 2017. So you need to consider improving your buyers’ mobile experience.

One great option is to enable purchases through Facebook Messenger. Granted, this works best if you already have a following for your business page or even a Shop on Facebook. But it can still bring high conversions even if your shop’s total page likes are not skyrocketing.

Chatbots have been an important trend in 2017, and not just on Product Hunt. People enjoy having access to information in a conversational way. The big advantage here is that Messenger is already highly-used, so you don’t have to worry about helping customers learn how to use it.

Now, I know this suggestion does not necessarily fit into the Shopify Apps category, as it’s rather a free platform feature that you can take advantage of. Still, I found out about it on Product Hunt. And I consider this to be a great win for using PH as a Shopify Store owner.

It makes the communication with the buyer easy, fast and more natural. Potential buyers can:

  • Choose categories
  • See the latest products on site
  • Read product descriptions
  • Choose sizes
  • Purchase products at Checkout on Store

If anything seems confusing, they can visit your store at any stage in the conversation.

Find out more about this Shopify App: 

3. Adroll for Shopify

Most Online Shop owners use one form or another of Advertising for their products. This marketing strategy drives sales, but it can drain your budget if not done right. Here’s where the Shopify App Adroll comes in.

In a nutshell, the app helps you target those visitors who have left your site without purchasing. Its ads can be used on Facebook, Instagram, web, and even email. That means you spend your ad budget on the right people and on the channels they use the most.

Campaigns are easy to create and manage, as half of the process is automated. It will take your product feed and retarget clients with the products they already looked at in your store, as well as top-selling products.

Also, the budget you choose will be divided across the channels. When one of them is performing better than the other, they will redirect more of your budget towards that channel. That’s how Adroll users can get up to $95 for each $10 they invest in their ad budget. 

Find out more about this Shopify App: 

4. One-Page-Checkout for Shopify

There are moments when you wished your visitors purchased all products added to their carts. But cart abandonment is one of the largest issues E-commerce shops are facing. In 2017, the abandonment rate reached a whopping 75.6%. 

That means that, on average, if 4 people add products to carts in an online store, only one of them will finish the purchase. The One-Page-Checkout Shopify App from CartHook can help you not lose those clients who are interested in your products.

Once a product with a CartHook tag is added to cart, the visitor is redirected to a high-converting Checkout page.

Only after the purchasing information has been added, the buyer gets an Upsell offer. This order of events is a smart one, as part of the online store visitors’ experience can be ruined by this type of offers. You don’t want to suggest an offer and risk people leaving before purchasing.

If the upsell comes before checkout, that might be a reason why the potential buyers abandon their cart. The last step is a Thank You page.

All the information in the App is highly-customizable, so you can play around with the design, copy and marketing offers.

Find out more about this Shopify App: 

5. Drift for Shopify

Have you ever experienced that moment of you staring at the number of live visitors in your Shopify Admin Dashboard? I think we’ve all been there.

It made me want to talk to those people and let them know I can help them find the best product for them. Well, with Drift you can do that.

This Shopify App lets you add a chat to your E-commerce storefront. That way, if any visitor has a question about your products, they can just ask you, rather than search for the information on the site, or try to guess the answer.

The chatbot can engage in targeted conversations with your future buyers, so they feel more inclined to take action.

Also, you can even include coupon codes for free shipping in case visitors spend too much time on the cart or the checkout page without finishing the process. The messages can look personal and caring so that the client will have a positive first experience with your brand.

Find out more about this Shopify App: 

Start Using Product Hunt for More Shopify Apps Today

These were my top finds from PH, but they aren’t the only Shopify Apps you can find there. Plus, there are several new tools and Apps added daily to the platform. There are also a lot of great marketers in the community whom you can follow to “steal” their resources.

But the only way to really stay ahead of your Shopify competition is to use the best tools before they do. That’s why you shouldn’t hesitate and create a Product Hunt account today. You can even find me there, so make sure to follow.

You’ll get email notifications with all the latest trending tools based on your interests. I’ll be waiting in the comment section to find out what was the first exciting tool you found on Product Hunt.

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