Super New Content Marketing Predictions for 2020 That Your Team Should Know About

Since 2020 has started for a couple of months, so did the content marketing predictions for this year. How will the tides change? On what should marketers focus and what should they leave behind, overly-locked like in a Pandora’s Box? Well, the specialists have spoken and these are the most set off predictions:

“People-focus”, the first keyword for content marketing

2020 will be the year when marketing won’t focus just on the content, but on the people who read it, too. This should be the milestone year when brands need to be aware of their audience. In other words, they will have to gain a deeper knowledge, and go beyond the demographic lines. They will need to focus on their interests, habits, and preferences. As Mashable also stated, “2020 will be all about creating and delivering the right content, for the right person, at the right time, every time.”

High-quality content: a must

Since the Internet exists, most of us started to suffer from A.D.D. In other words, we are looping through content, skimming it or sometimes we just quit reading. Therefore, it has to make you curious. Whether it is funny, intriguing, educational, or relevant, your content marketing has to embrace the short-attention span of your readers to convince them to read the long-form article.

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Your content should be engaging as well

Alright, you have plenty of views and stuff, but is your content engaging? Do you have a decent number of likes, shares, and comments? No? Well, you should review your content marketing strategy then.

Your team can use ContentLook to figure out the stats for your company’s content.

Video is becoming more and more important

content marketing

Talking about engaging content, video can be the one that will generate the amount of shares/likes/comments you need. Why? Because a study says, 100 million people watch videos every day. It doesn’t matter on what platform it will be uploaded (be it Vine or YouTube, though I believe the latter is more Google friendly), it is important to have this in sight when preparing your content marketing strategy for 2020. Also, if you want to reach millennials, this is the most effective way.

To increase your engagement, you could aim to create video presentations. PowerPoint presentations, without the voice-over, are becoming slightly boring and aren’t understood completely. Therefore, why not video? Of course, it is recommended to add a transcription both for people with hearing aids, or for those who dislike them (apparently they exist).

Select the social channels that fit best

This year, when creating your content marketing strategy, you will have to choose the social channels that will fit your company’s needs based on its audience, time, and resources. Don’t share your content all over, but specialize it by dedicating time and staff to finding the proper channel and to manage it in a way that will be responsive to your target audience and content.

Don’t forget, value comes from distribution – Here’s What Your Team Can Learn:

Apparently, according to Altimeter, only 26% marketers are investing in content distribution, though more than half of them believe they should.

Distributing your content strategically is what will make your business stand out in this hyper-competitive landscape. Investing in SEO and mobile, building relationships with branded publications or well-known blogger/vloggers, and reaching out to the influencers from your field are just a few ways to make sure that your content will reach its targeted market.

Since it’s all about distribution, you need to find ways to ensure that you get at least 300 traffic on each piece of content that you produce.

If you look at the Squirrly blog, we have a lot of social media engagement all the time. That is mostly due to having great operations in-house for getting our content to the right people at the right time.

To teach you and your team how to repeat our own processes, you can go to this page and subscribe.

Get 300 Traffic to All Your Articles, Every Single Time you publish something.

These are just a few content marketing predictions and they won’t necessarily be true, but it’s good to have them in mind. What predictions do you have about this year?

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