Squirrly Coupon: How to Get 25% OFF on a Top SEO Plugin for WordPress

If you’re on the market for an SEO plugin for WordPress that can help you improve your site’s rankings, then you couldn’t have landed on this page at a better time. That’s because I came across a pretty sweet deal for one of the most complex SEO plugins out there.

The plugin is called Squirrly SEO and what it does is help you increase your Google page rankings by providing the guidance you need to shape a winning SEO strategy – and the right tools to implement it efficiently.

By using the Squirrly coupon, you’ll get a significant discount, no strings attached. To be more specific, you will get 25% OFF on Squirrly’s most popular plans.

Keep reading to learn more about the plugin and the features it provides. I’ll also give you all the details about the offer and what is the best way to access it.

After all, who doesn’t like a great deal, right?

What You Should Know about Squirrly SEO if You Only Have 1 Minute

To understand the value Squirrly SEO provides, it’s important that you know a little bit more about the vision behind the plugin. From what I’ve experienced so far using this, Squirrly SEO goes beyond automation.

It’s for site owners who are serious about building a successful SEO Strategy, brick by brick, and achieving substantial results in the long run.

So, if you’re looking for a plugin where you spend just 20 minutes doing a few superficial settings and expect the plugin to do everything else, this is probably not for you. Still, know that no plugin can put together an effective SEO strategy for you.

But if you’re looking for an awesome sidekick as you make your way to the 1st page of Google, then you’ll most likely want to give this a try. Squirrly SEO brings what matters for SEO today into focus, and provides personalized information to help you rank your pages.

It helps you be aware of all the steps and all the work you need to put in – while also giving you the tools you need to get that work done. Compared to other plugins for SEO I’ve used and tested so far, I find Squirrly to be by far the most complex one.

But the best way to get to know the plugin better is through what it can do to boost your site’s rankings on Google. So, let’s take a look at some of the features you will get to explore within the Squirrly SEO universe.

squirrly coupon

How Squirrly SEO Helps You Rank Your Pages

Right off the bat, you need to know that Squirrly SEO is more than one tool to help you increase your rankings on Google; it’s a complete marketing suite to assist you with everything from keyword research to site auditing and content optimization.

With more than 200 features under its belt, Squirrly SEO is one of the most complex plugins listed on in the WP directory.

It’s like having a personal SEO strategy consultant available 24/7. 

Here are some of the features you can get with this awesome COUPON deal:

  • Advanced Keyword Research. One of the best things about the plugin is that it provides relevant keyword suggestions that your site can rank for. What’s more, you won’t have to leave WordPress to do the research. Plus, the interface is super easy to use and gives you all the information you need to find the best keyword opportunities to target in your content and get more traffic to your site.

  • Briefcase. This feature lets you build a portfolio of keywords to guide your strategy. Once you find a great keyword opportunity for your site, you can place the keyword inside Briefcase to ensure that you don’t forget about it. Plus, you can use labels to group your keywords based on your SEO strategy. And you can quickly filter your keywords by one or more categories using labels.

  • Content Optimization. Squirrly’s Live Assistant is the next best thing to having an SEO specialist guiding you as you write your posts. The assistant analyzes your content in real-time to make sure you’re NOT over optimizing your text by stuffing it with keywords. This way, it ensures that your content is not only Google-friendly but also human-friendly.
  • All you have to worry about is following the instructions provided by the Assistant and turning every section inside the Live Assistant Green. When this happens, you know that your article or page is 100%  SEO optimized and ready to be published.

  • Advanced Analytics that show the Google Rank, Social signals, the average ranking for your site and SERP changes. With this powerful feature, you can find the exact position of your website in Google for any keyword and any country you want.
  • Weekly Audit for your site. This is one of the most addictive features within the plugin. The Audit makes it easy to monitor and examine the performance of your website in six main categories: Blogging, Traffic, SEO, Social, Links, and Authority. Plus, it shows you the tasks you need to complete to improve your score. This makes it easy to track your efforts and see how they are paying off.

  • Snippet Tool: It shows you how your article will look like on search engines, Facebook and Twitter. By default, Squirrly Snippet automatically generates the meta-information for your pages. But it also provides a highly-visual way to customize your meta descriptions.
  • You’ll also get to see and edit how your page will appear on Facebook and Twitter. Everything is extremely easy to use.

  • Premium Coaching sessions. One of the best things about being a Squirrly user is the fact that you receive access to SEO and marketing lessons. These lessons not only help you get the most out of using the plugin, but they also help you become a better marketer. I think this is extremely important because while SEO is indeed powerful, you need the right kind of knowledge to maximize its potential.

All these features I’ve talked about so far are designed to help you rise to the top of Search Results, outrank your competitors and attract high-quality traffic to your sites. And they are just a few of the benefits you get by becoming a  Squirrly user.

Combined, the tools have an added value of thousands of dollars, but the Squirrly PRO Plan, the most popular one, is available for only $29.99 a month.

And that’s before the 25% discount.

So, What Plan Is Right for You?

The 25% OFF deal can be used for both the PRO and the Business Plan. If you’re interested in taking advantage of what the plugin can do at a special price, here’s some additional info about Squirrly’s paid plans to help you determine which of the two plans is best for you.

1. Squirrly SEO PRO (Best for professional bloggers and small business owners)

It’s important to mention that Squirrly does provide a free version which can give you a sense of just how complex the plugin is. However, if you want to make the most out of its increased capabilities, then you’ll have to upgrade to the PRO version.

This is the most popular plan and covers all the needs of a professional blogger or a small business owner.  Regular Price: $29.99/month

  •     With the Squirrly Coupon:  $20.99 for the first month 

You Get:

  • Install Squirrly SEO on up to 7 websites
  • Research up to 100 keywords/month
  • Unlimited optimizations per month using the Live Assistant
  • Audit Suite for 100 pages
  • Analytics for 100 pages
  • Top-level customer service.

In case you never heard about Squirrly, you should know they are a company that builds leading marketing software. Their products range from social media tools to branding solutions and analytics software and are aimed at business owners, marketers, SEO professionals, web developers, and agencies as well.

2. Squirrly SEO Business (Best suited for agency-level businesses) Regular Price: $71.99/month

  • With the Squirrly Coupon: $50.39 for the first month

You get:

  • Install Squirrly SEO on up to 7 websites
  • Research up to 300 keywords/month
  • Unlimited optimizations per month using the Live Assistant
  • Audit Suite for 300 pages
  • Advanced analytics for 300 pages
  • Check Ranking On-Demand (up to 500/day)
  • Google Rank Check made through Squirrly’s cloud
  • Top-level customer service.

You can get more information about Squirrly’s pricing plans and all that’s included here.

How to Access the Squirrly Coupon Code

All you have to do is use this special link:


The discount will apply instantly. You’ll get to test the plugin, full-featured, at a special price for an entire month and make an informed decision on whether to continue using it or not. I think it’s a great offer, which is why I knew I had to share this with all of my readers in the Chief Content community.

I hope the information provided in this article will come in handy and that you will consider taking advantage of this offer. Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments below.

Have you ever heard about this plugin? What do you think about it? Let me know.

PS: In case you missed the link to the coupon, here it is again. Make sure to use it as soon as possible, because there is no way of telling how long will this offer still be available, and I don’t want you to miss out. 


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