Hi everyone! Today I am very, very happy and excited to share my progress using Focus Pages from Squirrly SEO. 

But let’s do a little recap first:

  1. I started using Focus Pages by Squirrly SEO around a month and a half ago. It all started with my desire to put it to the test and see how it works. I took some time to check out this feature by Squirrly SEO Plugin. Then, I chose a page to focus on and got ready to start working on it. Which leads me to my first tip: don’t panic about all those Ranking Drawbacks that you’ll see in the Focus Pages section. Some of them are really easy to fix while others are more time-consuming. You can read more about my first steps in using Focus Pages in Episode 1 of this series
  2. I found out that there are consequences if you don’t work on your pages at all. I learned this the hard way (I was on the 7th place in Google, but a few days later, my page dropped to the 23rd position in Google). Check out Episode 2 for more details on this.
  3. I learned a very valuable lesson. Don’t be stubborn! I was stubborn and refused to pay attention to all the hints given to me by Squirrly SEO. I was focusing my efforts on the wrong page and wasted a lot of time until I finally opened my eyes and took note of the right page I should have focused on instead. It was right in my face, every single day. Don’t be afraid to change your page as I did! – all in Episode 3. 
  4. I saw the magic happen. After I changed my page with the right one, I started moving up in rankings really fast – all in Episode 4.

Ready to see the magic behind Focus Pages by Squirrly SEO?

My focus page ranks on the first page of Google for 7 keywords! Yes! SEVEN keywords! Yuhuuuu!

focus pages by squirrly seo

After I wrote all my 5 articles for getting the inner links, I didn’t work on this page at all, but I did work with my team on our website. We published new articles, we shared some of them on social media, and most importantly, we started getting some backlinks.

If you are wondering what I did to rank on the first page of Google for 7 keywords, well, a big part of the answer is backlinks! Backlinks are extremely important.

And if it wasn’t for Focus Pages by Squirrly SEO to keep pointing towards the fact that I needed to get backlinks to improve my page’s chance of ranking, I would have never given it a try, because getting those backlinks involves a lot of work.

I also want to share with you a tool that I found: SEOClerck. After I made an account and ordered some backlinks for my website, multiple pages on my website started to get higher rankings.

Time to Share My Results:

Here’s how my experience of using Focus Pages so far translates into results: 

  • 7 keywords on the First Page of Google
  • 7,5 average ranking for my Focus Page
  • almost 7 minutes time-on-page
  • 135 traffic
  • 104 unique visits

Again, without using the right tools to give you a boost, it’s very hard to see progress, especially when you are at the beginning of the road and have a brand-new website with basically no authority. 

Having some help, even if you have to pay for it, makes you feel better because you feel like you are taking steps in the right direction. 

And, when you open your website’s dashboard and check the latest rankings for your focus page, and you see you are on the first page of Google, all that investment pays off.

I’m now aware that I need all the help I can get if I want to be noticed by my target audience and increase visibility online. And for that, I need to allocate part of my budget to tools that can help my website get higher rankings.

My point is; don’t be afraid to invest in the right tools! Don’t be afraid to believe in Focus Pages by Squirrly SEO! The results can be extraordinary.