Hi, everyone!

This episode will be a short one. I just wanted to share with you my success with Focus Pages by Squirrly, their latest revolutionary feature. Indeed, it’s a revolutionary feature, but you have to know how to use it.

It can make you smile or it can make you frown. It’s all up to you and how you read all the incredible information that the tool gives you.

For those of you who are new to this series, here’s a summary of my experience using Focus Pages so far:

  1. I started my business 2 months ago. I was searching for tools that can help me promote my business better. I learned about a new feature called Focus Pages by Squirrly SEO. The tool is meant to help you get better rankings, so I gave it a try.
  2. I got better acquainted with the tool and what it offers. Then, I chose a page that was really important for my business – and for me (mostly for me, but you’ll see why later on).
  3. I started to take a look at the audit for my chosen focus page and began working on fixing the ranking drawbacks which were the easiest to fix. You can see my steps in Episode 1.
  4. I decided to focus even more on my page to complete the Inner Link Ranking Drawback. See Episode 2.
  5. Meanwhile, I was writing articles for getting inner-links for my page. I constantly checked my rankings. I noticed my page wasn’t going up in rankings, while Focus Pages continually pointed towards another page that I should have really focused on instead. See Episode 3.
  6. And here we are now: I changed my focus page with the one that naturally made some progress in terms of ranking. 

Focus Pages by Squirrly: Success Time

So, I changed my page. If this page moved up in rankings without my help, I was curious to see what would happen if I actually started working on it using Focus Pages.

And you will not believe what happened. My new page ranked on the 1st page in Google for FOUR different keywords and on the second page in Google for 2 other keywords.

Yes, FOUR keywords on page ONE. 

focus pages by squirrly

Maybe you are wondering what I did to have these results? I just wrote a new article to get an inner link for my page. Just one, and the next day I was on page 1 in Google with 4 keywords. 

Squirrly SEO was right. This is a page that really deserves my time and energy. I just needed to give it a little push and this page already ranks on page ONE in Google.

I can’t wait to see what happens after I write more articles to get inner-links to my page. Plus, I’ll start sharing it on social media to get social signals too, so that should help as well.

See you soon! I’m excited to continue using Focus Pages by Squirrly SEO and share my results with you.