Hi and welcome to a new episode about How to Use Focus Pages by Squirrly SEO 2019: Strategy. 

I hope that by sharing my first baby steps towards fixing all the Ranking Drawbacks shown inside the Focus Pages section and ranking a page on Google, I have inspired some of you to give it a try as well. 

You can read more about Focus Pages here.

Also, please feel free to share your first baby steps in fixing your ranking drawbacks that are stopping the most important pages in your site to get to the 1st page of Google.  

In the first episode, I wrote about my steps in using one focus page. Just ONE. It’s easier to focus on only one page at a time until you get the hang of it and gain more experience for ranking a page on Google. 

Anyway, since it has now been 3 days since my ranking success, I wanted to go back and check my rankings again (using the Rankings feature from Squirrly). 

A quick reminder: I did manage to get one inner link for my focus page one day after ranking on the 7th place in Google.

Okay, so it’s now three days later, and here’s how the rankings have changed. 

focus pages by squirrly seo

Oops! As you can see, my page no longer ranks in the top 10 of Google. I’m sure you’re wondering what caused this, as I did too. And I have a pretty good guess of why this happened.

You see, there were 3 consecutive days in which I didn’t work on my page at all. Not even for a minute. Since it was the weekend and International Children’s Day, I preferred spending my time with my kid. But there were consequences. 

My 7-place ranking is gone, and my page dropped on the 23rd position in Google. 

Now, let’s zoom in on the image a bit:

And now let’s look at the first image again:

Can you see the differences?

I used the same keyword – scoala in limba romana in uk – for two different pages.

If you have multiple pages that rank for the same keyword, Squirrly Ranking shows you the Path (URL) that has performed better (has the better ranking).

In my case, this Path (/firme/instructor-auto-roman-in-londra-scoala-auto-uk/) has performed better than the other one. And now the Path (/cum-este-la-scoala-in-limba-romana-in-uk) which was on 7 in Google for the keyword scoala in limba romana in uk ranks below the 23rd position in Google.

It’s still too soon to talk about the final ranking position because Google shuffles the links which it displays for my keyword. In time, the rankings for my pages will stabilize. So, generally speaking, they will not change dramatically from one day to another.    

But, even with all these changes, I learned something important today: achieving Search Engine success takes continuous work. 

If you want to keep your place on the 1st page in Google, you should never stop working on your most important pages.

Take your ranking success for granted, and someone else will take your place. Just like that.

Next Step: Check the Focus Pages by Squirrly again

So, now I have to think about my next moves.

Do I want to rank for that keyword (scoala in limba romana in uk) for Path 1 (/firme/instructor-auto-roman-in-londra-scoala-auto-uk/) or Path 2 (/cum-este-la-scoala-in-limba-romana-in-uk)?

Which one gives me the best chances of conquering the first page of Google?

Well, I not sure yet. I want to do a bit of experimenting with both of them and see which one would perform better. I am going to monitor the ranking results during the following days to see which one performs better.

I’ll keep an eye on all the changes that occur so that I can make my decision.  

Anyway, the next steps are:

  • go back to your focus page inside the Focus Pages by Squirrly;
  • look for new Ranking Drawbacks (you never know when something will take you by surprise);
  • research new keyword opportunities for your next blog posts;
  • save them to Squirrly Briefcase. 

My next step is to get 5 inner links for my Focus Page (thus turning the Inner Link element inside the Focus Pages section green). Also, I’ll search for new keyword opportunities, save them to Briefcase and label them. Then, I’ll start writing, of course.

That’s what I want to accomplish during the next couple of days.  

See you soon with updates from my Focus Pages by Squirrly. Good luck in rankings and never stop working on the pages that are most important for your business.