For this blog post, we’ve invited Andreea from the marketing team of (a business directory for Romanians living in the United Kingdom, which makes their life abroad easier and comfier) to let us know her experience with creating content that helps her most valuable pages get ranked on the first page of Google search.

Pretty much all of you have already heard about the new revolutionary feature created by the Squirrly Company: Focus Pages. But do you know how to use it? Or better say do you know how to start using it?

With this thought in mind, I was thinking to make some short episodes about how I use it on a different business. Every single step I am going to do with Focus Pages by Squirrly will be recorded here as well. This way you can see the strategy I opt in for, or better say the way I choose a Ranking Drawback and eliminate it, in order to increase my chances of Ranking.

The Ranking Drawbacks are those factors that can really influence Google’s ranking factors (in a negative way). You can find them in the Focus Pages section. Each page you choose to concentrate on, will have different status at the Ranking Drawbacks. Some of them will have more chances to rank, some of them won’t have any chances. Anyway, your goal here is to turn the grey and red circles to green circles. That’s all you have to do.

If you are seeing Grey circles that means that Squirrly doesn’t have enough data to suggest you the next steps. It gives you clear instructions telling you how to make that data available, so it can start analyzing it.

If you are seeing Red circles that means you have to fix something. Just click it and follow the recipe from the right side of the screen. Again, just turn the red lights to green ones.

If you are seeing Green circles that means you completed all the tasks for that Ranking Factor.

The best practice is to choose one of your most important pages from your website and add it to Squirrly Focus Pages. After you add it, you have to wait a little, because Squirrly will gather data for you, and this will take some time. 

First step in using Focus Pages by Squirrly

If you have more items added here that you want to concentrate on, just choose one. Take a look at the whole report that Squirrly it shows you.

I have more pages to concentrate on, so I choose this one to start with:

Don’t worry, I didn’t have an 80% chance to rank the first time. I improved that chance over time, by following a clear method.

After I took a look at all those colored circles, I decided which one I thought I can turn from red to green very easily and fast. And the answer was: SEO Content -> Snippet. My Snippet wasn’t green and this was the best way to start it. It doesn’t involve too much time to resolve it, but it can increase my chances to rank.

The Second Ranking Drawback from Focus Pages by Squirrly that I chose was SEO Image (so sorry I din’t think to make this series earlier so I could show you some screenshots). SEO Image is a very easy task to do. Here you can read an article written about it. Again, I decided to start with those red circles I thought I could turn to green very fast.

The Third Ranking Drawback that I though would be easy to turn green, was Keyword.

focus pages by squirrly

Well, it wasn’t, but I sat back 2 minutes and thought a lot more about it. I figured that for my business, it doesn’t matter so much that I don’t have over 500 search volume. Because it was very easy to rank. 

And it really was:

Boom! I got my first “1 Ranking”. Ok, say whaat? It wasn’t enough just to do this. It was necessary to take the next step I took.

So, here we go to the final Ranking Drawback I chose to focus on: Inner Links

I chose to write new blog posts for those 5 inner links to increase my chances of ranking, because I needed new content for my business, so let’s make new content that can really help me.

Basically, my aim here was to create 5 new blog posts, so that I can send links from each of these new blog posts to that focus page I was trying to rank.

Here is the first day of the listing page (it’s a “listing” custom post type inside my WordPress). I increased the chance to rank: 21 May 2019. From than till 28 May 2019, I did all those steps that I mentioned earlier. It doesn’t take so much time to fix those ranking drawbacks from Focus Pages by Squirrly. It’s just that I didn’t allocate more time to my business those days. But this was going to change soon. 

I decided to write the first blog post to get my first inner link to this one from above: 28.05.2019

As you can see I was sure that I completed some MUST-DO SEO TASKS (my personal checklist):

  1. find a good keyword – checked
  2. optimized 100% with Squirrly LIVE Assistant – checked
  3. snippet 100% optimized – checked
  4. have at least 1,500 words – checked
  5. SEO image – checked

This is my personal recipe to follow for those 5 new posts (which would bring 5 inner links) that I was going to create.

Next day, I decided to write another one, following the same recipe: 

Also, that day I remembered that I have to “force” Google to find out about my content with the help of the Google Search Console. So I asked Google to check my URLs and get them indexed.

Next day, when I went to check my performance for my Focus Page, I discovered this:

My content is on first page of Google! Of course, it doesn’t mean that it will be there for ever and ever, but I can fight for that place. Especially now that I can really see that all my efforts to write those 2 blog articles, of more than 1,500 words each, was really paying of.

Now, I feel more confident that I can succeed.

Now, I feel that those Ranking Drawbacks are really drawing me back from the first page in Google. I’ll have to get them fixed on the other pages as well.

Now, I know that I can have the first place if I write more blog posts for inner links. Links seem to be very valuable to Google. They are not easy to make, but their impact is so big.

So, my next task is to write those next 3 blog posts as soon as I can.

Oh, yes…about the time that I was spending for this Focus Page… At the beginning was somewhere at 30-40 minutes / day. I don’t know why I didn’t want to spend more time on it, but that was what I felt back than. When I started to write the first blog post for the inner link it was around 2 hours per day. Trust me, I was almost going to give up because it seemed so much time to spend for only one red circle that gets turned to green. And,  I still have to spend at least 6 hours till I will really make it green. But, seeing the results, my first page ranking, filled me with confidence, power and energy to write those 3 blog posts for inner links to change the color of that Ranking Drawback. 

My advice to you is: choose one Focus Page, analyze all your Ranking Drawbacks, and prioritize them so you could turn them from red to green.

See you soon with the next 3 inner links feedback. 


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