Lesson 1: Gaining 300 Readers per Blog Article By Leveraging Social Media

Make it Your Story: Grow a Reader-base, Convert them, Get Revenue
This is the best course we’ve done until now. And you’re getting it for free.

[UPDATE 17th of February 2016, after more than One Year of running this course to our very exclusive list] 

300 Readers or 10,000 Visits This Month ? – The Update that explains it all.

I hope you’re ready for massive growth. I really do.

We’ve published the article: 9 Business Phrases You Should Avoid to Not Sound Dumb on the 9th of February. Most people will publish an article on a blog, and then hope for traffic. But not my team over at Squirrly.

Once an article is published, the fun part starts. We use ALL the lessons in this course to start getting traffic for it: real traffic, from real people, from social media. From A to Z we’ll show you an X-Ray vision of our methods.

You’ll see many screenshots, to show you exactly what you can get and how you can implement everything.

Screenshot 2016-02-17 21.37.19

So this happened. Just published it, and BOOM. 1,320 pageviews.

We did NOT use our email lists to promote the article. ONLY social media. Only methods that you’ll see in these lessons.

gaining 300 readers

We didn’t finish the promotion for this article yet. Just 5 days of social media promotion, and this is what happened. (currently 10 AM on the 17th of February)

So let’s talk about you right now.

You want to get 10,000 visits this month. Google AdWords will charge you something like $7 / click. That’s $70,000 that you’d have to spend. Maybe you’re lucky, and you find something for $4.3 USD. That will most probably mean that not many people search for those words, so they won’t be able to drive you the traffic you want.

Just do social media. It’s free.

It takes a lot of time to implement and to get started, but we’re here to help you.

Look at our article. 1,227 uniques in 5 days. Just for this one article.

If we publish 10 articles this month and we get this much traffic, that’s already way above the goal.

But I want to prepare you for something great!

In the beginning you’ll only be able to get 300 visits for your articles.

Don’t take this for granted. Go to your Google Analytics right now and look at the traffic you get for each article. (if you don’t know how to do this, look at the method I present in Lesson 5).

If you’re like most blogs, you’ll have about 50 visits per article, and you’ll only ever have more visitors when you promote via your email lists.

Because I need you to have realistic expectations:

1) Look at the current traffic that you get / article. Especially the traffic / article that you get from social media

2) Focus on getting to 300 readers / article. After you start mastering the methods I show you in this course, you’ll get to much better results.

Like Renegade Citizen does.

Screenshot 2016-02-17 22.00.35

[update finished]


At Squirrly (Squirrly Limited, registered in London, United Kingdom) we believe in offering real-world value before asking for any kind of money. That’s why we came up with the idea for this course that will show you all that we’ve learnt by driving tens of thousands of visitors to our sites and our customer’s sites.

You’ll be able to get a lot of traffic to your articles using social media, without having to pay a dime for any services!

Why is this going to be the best course?

1. Only actionable stuff

Our promise. All that you will get in the following lessons are things that you can start applying while you’re reading them. In three weeks, you’ll be able to finish implementing the research and the marketing infrastructure phase of this unreasonably efficient tactic for promoting your content across multiple social media channels.

2. Screenshot Frenzy. You’ll get ALL you need to know about gaining 300 readers for each article.

Plenty of screenshots and stuff that show you how to implement this tactic, step by step.

We’re being transparent all the way and we’ll show you all there is to know, so that you can start building your own winning distribution strategy for the content you’ll be producing (or the one that We’ll be producing) for your startup, your business or your personal venture.

3. No talk. All action

100% step-by-step lessons on how to do everything. Each Lesson will show you how much traffic per article you should start getting by applying what you just learnt in that lesson.


It’s a great way to keep track of where you are and also where you should be on your way to gaining 300 readers per blog article.

4. NO Guess-Work

It will show you all the processes and methods that you need to start learning in order to get this method to bring you 300 readers / article.

You don’t have to guess a thing. It’ll all be there in the lessons.

We’re crazy for sharing this with you.

We should’ve definitely signed an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) before giving you access to these, because they are the exact same things that have made the Squirrly blog become so popular, have got us traffic and leads for our sales activities.

It’s really part of our secret sauce and it’s a thing that really helped us lately to grow as a company. We now have over 1,300,000 downloads for our software, and the numbers are getting really big each day.

Our clients, who have started building their content with us, are experiencing great results by following these exact same methods. We showed you how Udemy built a Blog that gets them 80% of their traffic. Now it’s time to show you how to make that happen for your site as well, after you start either:

a) producing more content yourself, or

b) buying some great, original content, from us.

We’ll work with you and help you get great readership for the articles you buy from us.

Gaining 300 readers will take some work.

This is true. What is also true: there will be NO Guess Work! You don’t have to guess anything about this. Just learn from each of the lessons that will follow and apply the recipe.

We’ll start with the first steps you need to take and move you along to the really advanced stuff.

All of our other courses were focused on Mindset. This one is 100% juicy stuff that you can use, after you see exactly how we use it and also how the clients we write content for use it. We write content for some pretty great people and we teach them exactly how to get a lot of traffic to each article we write for them.

Are you ready?


– Our Udemy content marketing course has over 2,530 students enrolled, and the course costs $147. Just saying.

– Our software has over 1,300,000 downloads (Neil Patel started using our software for every article he posts on his blog).

Solemnly swear to only send good stuff

– Really. You’ll get a 100% clearer view on how we bring over 300 traffic to each article that we post on our blog

– Screenshots

– A well-defined and easy to repeat process

– We will walk you through all the necessary steps

– We have never got traffic from LinkedIN before doing this. Now, it’s become one of the best traffic-referring channels.

The SEO Secret of all this Strategy:

This initial 300 readers / article approach is massive in terms of benefits that it will bring you in the long run for your content.

The Secret behind all this:

Your articles will need to be optimized to 100%. That’s the vital part of all this.

Once your articles are 100% optimized, start promoting them. That’s the key insight. This great tactic that you’ll be learning over the next few days can do wonders for your SEO, if you know this secret.

All the great social signals + real human readers that will come to each of your articles will show Google that you have an amazing website, so they will push it to the forefront of the search results. Bam! Awesome SEO Value.

Follow Us In Your Inbox For the Next Days. It’ll save you $70,000 on ads money.

You’ll get a lot of value from these lessons. To get 10,000 traffic this month, it would cost you at least $7 for each click, on Google Ads or Facebook Ads. (Or any pay per click ads service)

That’s 10,000 * $7 USD = $70,000 on Google ads and the others.

I’m teaching you here a method that will help you get 10,000 traffic FOR FREE. YUP, that’s $0.

Don’t waste your money. Learn. Get Better. Evolve as a marketer. I’m here to help you every step of the way with all the squirrly screenshots you’ll be getting.

Search your inbox for our lessons. Do this for the next days.

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