International Women’s Day DIY Inspired By Successful Entrepreneurs

International Women’s Day is all about celebrating women in our lives. Our mothers who raised and took care of us, our sisters who taught us important life lessons, our wives who love, treasure and take care of us, our female co-workers who make us laugh; all the women we encounter deserve to be celebrated on this special day.

They deserve all of our love and respect.

We also need to acknowledge that, although we’ve made tremendous progress in the last years, there still are places in this world where women are not being treated as equals of men and are denied basic rights. Therefore, it’s important to praise the milestones women have achieved, while also raising awareness of the issues that still exist in terms of how society views and treats women.

To help mark this special day, we’ve put together a list of International Women’s Day DIY Inspired by Successful Entrepreneurs. Keep reading.

01: Sophia Amoruso

We’ll kick off this list with Sophia Amoruso, also known as the Girlboss from the Netflix show with the same name. Sophia founded Nasty Gal, a women’s fashion retailer, which went on to be named one of “the fastest growing companies” by Inc. Magazine in 2012. So, an oversized DIY origami dress seemed like a great fit.

International Women's Day DIY Inspired By Successful Entrepreneurs


02: Lynn Brooks

Lynn Brooks is the founder of “Welcome Visitor,” a greeting program to welcome visitors to New York. Her idea was simple yet brilliant: match New Your City visitors with someone who lives there to help them experience the city like a local. Get crafty and create a greeting card inspired by Lynn’s awesome idea.


3: Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart is probably one of the most famous female entrepreneurs in the world. Leave it to her to transform a coffee table into an indoor dog house. Like the idea? Click on Source below the image to read all the instructions on how to do this.


4: Vera Wang

After working for many years in the fashion industry, Vera Wang decided to resign and start her own bridal wear business (which turned out to be a great call, given her success now). Vera also designed her wedding dress, so here is a DIY wedding dress you can make.


05: Anita Roddick

Next on our list is a DIY soap idea inspired by Anita Roddick, a businesswoman, human rights advocate and environmental campaigner. Anita created “The Body Shop”, which is a cosmetics company that was among the first to fight against animal testing and prohibit the use of ingredients tested on animals.


06: J. K. Rowling

J. K. Rowling needs no introductions. Everyone knows who she is. And I’m pretty sure that many of us wanted to become a wizard like the ones in her books. Today, you can make your own magic wand. Click on Source below the image to get full instructions.


07: Jessica Alba

The talented actress co-founded The Honest Company, which sells organic, chemical-free baby and beauty products. If you feel inspired by her ambition to create products that not only work but are also safe, try making some organic, natural blush for yourself to wear.


08: Nthabiseng Ramaboa

After working as a designer, Ramaboa rediscovered her passion for cooking. And that was the start of her culinary blog and a new chapter in her life.

To celebrate her culinary success, why not try cooking some teriyaki chicken? Click on Source below the image to get step-by-step instructions.


09: Nontando Molefe

Molefe started working from her home garage and ended up running a highly-successful jewelry business. Her focus on custom orders is what makes her designs very desirable.

Talking about one-of-a-kind pieces, here is a cool-looking necklace that you can try replicating.


10: Thato Kgatlhanye

Thato created Repurpose Schoolbags, an environmentally-friendly innovation that helps children stay safe while going to school. Plus, the school bag she imagined also doubles as a light to help children study after dark. The school bags are made from ‘upcycled’ plastic shopping bags and have built-in solar technology.

Here is an example of how you can create an up-cycled backpack.


Enjoyed These International Women’s Day DIY Inspired by Successful Entrepreneurs?

We hope you liked reading about all of the amazing women included in this article and that you will consider giving some of the ideas a try.

And don’t forget to take a moment today to appreciate the women in your life.

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