Communities are great places where people that have the same interests can share, and exchange ideas, thoughts, and opinions. Growth hackers also have online communities of their own. These communities are mainly used for networking, sharing awesome posts, they are used as a valuable resource, and it’s also a place where they can share their tips and tricks in growing a startup.

Growth hacking communities are great, especially for beginners. They can learn a lot just from other growth hackers’ experience. Let’s dig in, and see what are the best online communities for growth hacking.

Online communities for growth hackers

Growth hackers communities – yey or nay?

What do you think? Are these communities a good idea? These are some of my favorite online communities where you can connect with other growth hackers. I think that they are very useful, since this kind of information you can get almost exclusively online.

There are many other resources, such as websites where you can find plenty of articles related to growth hacking. I am sure that you have some of your favorites, too. Share them with me in the comments below, to make a big list, so that people can find their inspiration.

Cristina Coroiu