How to Choose an Affiliate Program that Will Help You Earn Better

Imagine if you could post a new podcast episode on social media… or a free downloadable eBook on your blog… and earn money in a few weeks just for doing that:

Let’s be honest.

Affiliate marketing isn’t as easy and set-it-and-forget-it as some companies would like us to believe.

You can see what Cristina is doing on one of her projects.

Most of us are busy, leading our lives, looking for a new job opportunity.

It’s not like we have infinite time to create sales funnels that automatically capture leads and then also convert them, so that we may get our affiliate commissions.

Setting THAT up, testing it, and improving on it is a Colossus that this writer isn’t intent on playing with.

So, Cristina has been making more money from ADS inside her blog posts, than from Affiliate Marketing, because she hasn’t found a good Affiliate Program to join (YET!).

But I am here to change her mind, and hopefully help you out in the process as well.

Let’s go back to the imagination exercise that I have proposed for you in the beginning of the article.

What if things could be so simple?

What if you didn’t have to spend time and money to build funnels?

Oh, and what if you could send to something cool: like online games, books, podcast episodes, instead of just sales pages?

– Truth is, your audience would be more likely to check those out at first, than they would some offers and pricing pages.

Here we go:

The best way to start making money online as an affiliate marketer is to join an affiliate program like this one – that offers you full support.

Find an Affiliate Program that Offers You Full Support

What do I mean when I say full support offered by a program like this one?

I mean this kind of support:

  • have ready-made funnels that were validated with thousands of customers. (Squirrly validated their funnels with over 7,490 subscription-paying customers in 90 countries)
  • due to getting access to ready-made funnels (which were already validated) you can jump right in, without even having to build your own website.
  • some affiliates just monetize the podcasts, YouTube videos, twitter profiles they already have.
  • give the possibility to boost commission rates – most of those who join are good at writing, so by completing different goals, they get to increase their cut easily.
  • have pretty good diversity of materials that you can promote as an affiliate. Because you’re placing your audiences on the line, you don’t want to annoy them by always posting links to product landing pages.

So what resources could there be? – the kinds of things that would interest even your friends (and which also have clear paths that lead to sales, so that the company’s systems work for you non-stop; you just need to send people to the resources):

  • podcast episodes (YES! Squirrly generates sales from each podcast episode and their affiliates can use this to their advantage)
  • marketing case studies
  • free online training programs
  • browser games
  • secret codes that only affiliates can give access to – which offer the affiliate’s audiences free access to Premium MasterClasses (things which can’t be accessed for free otherwise)
  • ebooks
  • free software

The affiliate system used by Squirrly, for example, tracks each lead an affiliate brings for 90 days and there are multiple funnels at play to make those leads convert within the 90 days time-frame.

You can start sending people to anything you want and that you think makes sense.

Their library of ideas for you as affiliates are huge and you’ll surely find things that will genuinely interest your followers, your readers, your subscribers, etc.

So, How to Choose an Affiliate Program?

Choose one that will give you tons of cool things to share with your audiences, that will track your leads’ activity for at least 90 days and that will do sales on auto-pilot for you.

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