Get Your Store Ready For The Best Women’s International Day Sale

As an online store owner, growing your businesses is your priority, which means you’re also focused on making as many sales as you possibly can. But this is not something that comes easily, so you have to take advantage of every little help you can get.

As an online retailer, one thing that you have going for you is that it’s easy to plan ahead and make the most out of special events to boost sales. You can focus your marketing efforts around famous events like Women’s Day or even quirky ones like Banana Cream Pie Day or Lost Sock Memorial Day.

High profile events are great opportunities for brands to be part of big conversations and sell more. Whether we’re talking about the Oscars, the Super Bowl or the Women’s International Day Sale, event-based marketing strategies help brands be part of the buzz.

Read this article to learn more about how to put together effective sales and marketing campaigns that are event-optimized.

Preparing for Important Upcoming Shopping Dates: Women’s International Day

When you want to create an event-based campaign, one of the most important things to keep in mind is when people start talking about the event. I like to use Pinterest Predicts for this, but you can also use Google Trends.

For Women’s International Day Sale, you can begin working on your campaign as soon as early February. You can start by creating blog post articles about topics related to the event, share them with your lists as part of a special email marketing campaign, and finish off strong with a sales event on the actual day/week of the event.

If your store is on Shopify, you can also take advantage of the multiple apps you can add to your store, apps which can help you supercharge your business during special events.

Create Event-Based Products and Collections

Everything starts with your products and collections. You can choose to create new products especially for the event, or you can tweak the ones you already have to make them seem specially designed for the event.

Let me explain with an example. To make the most out of people’s interest to buy gifts for the special women in their lives for Women’s International Day, you could create a product collection named Gifts for Her, like the one featured in the image below.

women's international day sale

Another thing you can do to boost your sales during certain times of the year is adding a common element to the products you want to sell for a particular event. It’s not necessary to alter the products themselves, you can just work on a custom display. For example:

  • You could add a small flower illustration to all Women’s International Day Sale products.
  • Or you can ensure all the products are photographed on a pink background.

Optimize the Products and Collections for Events

We talked about creating a collection and trying to make the products look like they all belong together – visually speaking – but what about the text part?

You should also optimize the products and collections descriptions. To do so, you can play it by ear and try to guess how the text should look like. Or you can use a tool to help you, and get it right.

I like to use Squirrly SEO for Shopify.

The app’s powerful Live Assistant provides step-by-step instructions in real time to help you properly optimize your product and collection pages for Search Engines, thus eliminating all of the guesswork from the process.

You can optimize for specific keywords that you’ve researched inside the app, which is very important when you focus on event-based sales. For instance, people will start searching for things like “best Women’s Day gifts for women” on Google around International Women’s Day.

Optimizing your product pages for these types of high-opportunity keywords can ensure you are the one that shows up in Search, thus increasing organic traffic to your store.

Promote Your Women’s International Day Sale

After you’ve created or updated your products to fit your event-based campaign and optimized your product descriptions to boost your chances of being listed on the first page of Google, it’s time to think about promoting your sale event.

Email is an excellent channel you can use for promotion. You can send the special offers you’ve prepared for the International Women’s Day event to your email lists. Additionally, you can combine your email marketing efforts with a social media campaign. 

On your top-performing social networks, let customers know about your sale by posting beautifully-designed images and a cleverly-worded caption. Don’t forget to provide an easy-to-access link.

You may also want to update your social media covers to reflect the event as well.

You can also create blog articles about gift ideas that you can then promote on social media. Another strategy you can try is using time-sensitive offers to encourage people to take action immediately (see an example below).

Additionally, consider creating ads to help you promote your sale as well if you have the budget for it.

Ensure Shipping Details Are Presented Loud and Clear

Shipping can be a huge headache for companies and customers alike, especially during event-based sales, where time is of the essence. One question that will be on your customers’ lips is this: Will the product get here on time? 

Rightfully so, everyone wants to be able to offer a gift on the day of the special event – not a week later.

That’s why is very important that you make shipping information as clear and as visible as possible. Shopify features some great apps to help you with generating and displaying an estimate of the time in which the product will arrive at the buyer.

This way, you can ensure that everyone will place their orders knowing exactly what to expect in terms of delivery time. And you reduce the risk of having to deal with an increase in negative feedback or people wanting to return their products.

Key Takeaways

  •  Start planning as early as possible;
  • Create products and collections based on the event;
  • Optimize your product descriptions for the event;
  • Promote, promote, promote;
  • Be careful about how you display shipping information.

What is your best strategy for getting your store ready for event-based sales? Share your ideas in the comments below.

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