If you choose to buy articles cheap you need to know what you are after. Most of the times buying articles will be the most cost-effective strategy  you can have. But they will still cost something. If you are going out there in to the on-line world searching for 1 $ content, then you are asking for trouble.

buy articles cheap

Buy articles cheap = paying double ?

Finding the cheapest content is not necessary in your best interest. I understand that you have a small budget and not enough personnel to deal with this but the side-effects are even worst. Depending on your level of vigilance you can get multiple bad outcomes, let’s see how each one of them will make the content more expensive.

  1. Commission it twice. The lesser evil will be that you just simple failed at your first choice to buy articles cheap. You sent them the requirements. They failed. They sent you a bad article you will not use and all the money was wasted. And let’s not talk about the time. You are back at the beginning find a new writer sending them the details and this time you’ll pay more to be sure it doesn’t lack value.
  2. Your readers will hate it. Let’s say you publish it. The audience and those that get in touch with your site for the first time will not appreciate that you buy articles cheap. And they will know the lack of value the content presents, even if they don’t know the price you paid. You will loose subscribes and possible leads. Unfortunately that was the first reason why you both those articles so it seams counter productive.
  3. Google will find out. As your bounce rate skyrockets, Google will realize something is wrong with the page. As long as it is only one page the consequences that you buy articles cheap will not be that high but there are multiple pages with low quality content, the problems are bigger. Your site might drop from indexing for months or even years.
  4. Duplicates. In some cases the article might seam fine at first glance, but be aware. In case you decide to buy articles cheap there is a serious issue that there might be duplicated content. And even if you can’t tell, it will have a seriously bad effect on your site to basically copy the content found on another one, maybe ranking for the same keywords.

Taking all this into consideration be sure to check more than the price of the person you buy articles cheap from. As I explained in the previous article there are a few steps you can take to make sure that the writer or agency will deliver good content. And by establishing a relationship with an agency or a writer the content will only get better.

Establishing what you are looking for, regardless the price

You can’t put a price on a relationship and the content you deliver on your site is to build up a relationship with your future client. So buy articles cheap only if they meet all the requirements you have about that content. Those it have the right tone ? Does give out the information you want to ? Is it inviting and engaging ? That’s what you really want, at a good price. And most agencies know that, you an even see the pricing to convince yourself.

Do you ever buy articles cheap ? And are happy with the quality they offer ? Share your story in the comment section bellow.