Best SaaS Startup Company – How Much Does One Year Cost an Enterprise Client?

One Year of MAX Level on All Squirrly Company Subscriptions – Would it break the bank?

  • we wanted to find out how much it costs to buy yearly subscriptions for all the SaaS, plugins and services that this company offers.
  • One Year – each subscription on the MAX Level offered by the Company.

The Best SaaS Startup Company, aka the Squirrly Company, is no stranger to the readers of the ChiefContent blog and it’s a company that has taken the Digital Marketing world by storm.

With more than $2 Million Dollars they invested in developing their multiple types of SaaS, services and plugins for Businesses who want to tackle digital transformation or establish a digital presence for their company, the Squirrly teams offer entrepreneurs everything required to GO DIGITAL.

You can learn more about this here.

Some of our readers that we’ve talked to in the past have either known about Squirrly Company’s expensive packages, or the very cheap and affordable ones.

So many people get so many types of payment plans from the company, that we wanted to know how much money would someone have to spend if they wanted to go all MAXED OUT on the payment plans offered by Squirrly.

Let’s find out at the current rates that Squirrly has on 24 Jan 2022 :

  • how much does it cost to buy ALL their products and services on the most expensive payment plan from each package?

considerations: we will consider ourselves a larger enterprise that has a few web properties on WordPress, Shopify and even sites not made in popular CMS’es.

1. Start with security.

Hide My WP Ghost by Squirrly.

With increasing attacks and many kinds of vulnerabilities related to using WordPress for your business, we would naturally want to protect our media empire.

Therefore… let’s look at getting Hide My WP Ghost by Squirrly.

With more than 60 features under the hood, Hide My WP Ghost complements other security plugins and tools by adding a different kind of security layer that the others don’t offer.

By using this security WordPress plugin, site owners are able to prevent attacks from happening, by hiding vulnerabilities in: themes, WP core, and plugins.

This offers an extra layer of protection that you don’t get from other plugins and security tools, as those focus on helping you while you are attacked and after you were attacked.

With Hide My WP Ghost, you avoid getting injections in the first place.

Buying the largest plan for our enterprise would be:

$640 USD / year – with the plan called Ghost All, from this page.

Of course, being an enterprise and trying to work with Squirrly in the best way possible, we would also add the White-glove services, to make sure that the employees of our company don’t need to have ownership over the subscriptions.

People come and go, plus they can get promoted, and their responsibilities would change, so it wouldn’t make sense to have someone in the company handling all the licenses, accounts, etc.

So let’s have a dedicated account manager from Squirrly who handles the Hide My WP account, the licenses and checks in with us every quarter to see if we need any extra help.

$699 USD / year for WhiteGlove on Hide My WP Ghost. (details)

This brings the total license value for Hide My WP Ghost by Squirrly to:

$1339 USD / Year.

Getting this will help us get much needed security for the WP sites that our enterprise owns and manages.

2. Showcase the Authors and Make them Shine Like Stars Next.

Many authors and important individuals from our enterprise contribute articles to the sites we have.

We help them build higher authority and also drive more engagement for our brand as well, by using Starbox – The Author Box for Humans.

The pricing will change, as the Squirrly company has grown. Starbox PRO is also a product of Squirrly.

But at the moment, the pricing is extremely affordable and it’s something anyone who has authors should 100% get.

$47.99 USD / Year. Pricing Page here.

Once you buy this software, you get an account where you can download the PRO zip file from.

It’s fairly easy to get started, and a short email to the company’s support channels will help you find your account, in case you lost it.

So, for this one, we wouldn’t add the Whiteglove services.

Total Subscription Value For One Year:

$47.99 USD / Year.

Moving On:

  • until now, we’ve secured our sites and made sure the personal brands of our authors will be properly highlighted..
  • every page we’ll publish from now on (where relevant) will show which one of our authors, influencers, and thought leaders were in charge of delivering that message and enchanting our audiences.
  • I know: let’s move on to Digital Marketing Channels next!

3. Send Every Page Published On Any of Our Sites to the Google Search Engine and to Millions of People Who Search via Google every single day.

Google and the search engine services are being used by everyone in the world, on many searches that start outside of itself, via different search integration partners.

It’s more important than ever to have every single new page, eCommerce product, service page, blog post, video, etc. being highlighted to the millions of people who are searching daily for things we can offer them, via our own enterprise.

Squirrly’s Flag-ship product, the Squirrly SEO – the world’s first AI for SEO and for figuring out via machine learning, how the Google algorithms change every single week – will do the job perfectly.

And the best part is:

  • we can give Squirrly SEO to any new employee, without a lot of training, and they will be able to kickstart SEO results for anything they publish on our sites.

Next SEO Goals and Focus Pages from Squirrly are revolutionary features that Moz, Ahrefs, SEMrush, Yoast, RankMath can’t even come close to.

Our teams will always know what needs to be done to make our pages visible online. And to have thousands of people finding them via search.

Now let’s see how much the highest paid plan of Squirrly SEO would cost us each year.

$3994.2 USD / year. – for the Web Dev Kit (Tier #2 pricing of Squirrly SEO). – the plan is mostly for agencies, but in our case we need it because of the extended limits for each and every single feature in this full package.

And we will add the WhiteGlove Services for it:

$699 USD / year.

Total Subscription Value for One Year:

$4693.2 USD / year.

Now that we know we’ll have customers finding us on search engines, it’s important to make people see us on the social media platforms as well … and even on Google Maps !

4. Continue Digital Dominance with Making Everyone See Us `In Their Social Media Feeds, on the many Apps they use.

Squirrly Social is another one of those insanely great marketing SaaS from the company.

It helps you Publish One Year worth of social media content … in a Flash!

(and they have a squirrel logo for this product, cosplaying as The Flash, which is really cool)

The tools helps us publish to:

  • LinkedIN Profiles of people from within our companies
  • LinkedIN Pages of the companies and brands from our Enterprise
  • Twitter Profiles
  • Google Maps Listings of our businesses – inside the Profiles created for each business in Google Maps (the former Google My Business)
  • Facebook Groups
  • Facebook Pages
  • Instagram Business Pages

Natively. All of these channels. Natively, without requiring third party integrations.

See more features >>

Also, our teams will appreciate the fact that every new post in WordPress sites that we own, will go directly into Squirrly Social, for their respective brands.

So, when someone publishes on WP, the post will automatically be announced to our social media followers, without this requiring any extra effort from our teams.

Each brand can have their own feeds, their own team members and their own profiles and settings, which makes this an amazing SaaS (software as a service) to buy for our enterprise.

The biggest payment plan on Squirrly Social is: Agency Plan. We need it for our enterprise, even though we’re not an agency doing sites for other parties, because it offers up to 30 Brands or Teams… and a total of 360 Social Media profiles we can post to.

$1379.88 USD / year.

And we would add White Glove services on top, to make sure we get the extra help in account management.

$699 USD / year.

Total value of the subscription for One Year:

$2,078.88 USD / year

We’d be able to attract many thousands of people using the internet every single day … who either search or have a look inside their social media feeds – most likely: both.

To move on, after ensuring security, doing personal branding for multiple authors we have, getting new pages on Google asap, getting social media readers engaging with our latest posts and products, we should focus on eyeballing the competition and seeing what they are up to.

5. Learn How to Get More Results and Better Content, by Seeing What Competitors in Every Space We Target Are Doing Today!

Squirrly SPY has helped many NASDAQ-listed corporations find out where they were falling short in the online game and why their competitors could:

  • get more press
  • get more backlinks (HUGE for SEO and Google reach)
  • hire more people
  • attract more partners
  • better spread their reach with thought leadership

Also, they found out which were the areas that their competitors were really bad at, and found ways to exploit that to their benefit and growth.

The way you structure content and the websites of your company, can set you up for success or failure.

Squirrly SPY reports are manually made (well… half manually, half crawled by large data-gathering servers) by employees of Squirrly. And then they give you 4 months of SaaS that will help you track other changes in your competitors’ strategies.

For the size of the enterprise we envision in this article done by ChiefContent, we would say we need 20 SPY Reports every year, due to having multiple brands that our teams work on.

Each brand should naturally get about 4 competitor reports made for them every year, to be able to really study and understand the data which will inform winning decisions in the future.

$50 USD / report.

No white-glove services are needed, since Squirrly team members already make these manually.

Squirrly SPY: Your Competitors’ SEO Growth. In Your Hands.

Total Yearly Value (because you’d need yearly reports, since Digital shifts so fast)

$1,000 USD / year.

This would help you make better decisions and understand how to make better use of the Social and SEO SaaS you now have in your arsenal. That’s totally how we would use it.

6. By Now, We’d start thinking about measuring the ROI of our Digital Activities.

ContentLook, by Squirrly, comes into play here, with a pretty sophisticated SaaS where we can invite team members for each site we own and manage.

It allows our teams to have discussions around every single page we publish on each site we own.

  • have discussions
  • share tasks
  • track KPIs and Campaign Progress
  • group pages into different campaigns, to track different campaign-specific KPIs.

With ContentLook, we can find out many:

  • per page insights
  • per entire website insights

It’s a very innovative tool that helps uncover many marketing challenges and helps our teams keep on track with the campaign objectives.

It’s a very unique tool as well, because we haven’t found any other that goes so deep into per page analysis, while also being able to provide helpful insights for how well the entire website performs.

I guess it’s also great for beginners, because it has many ideas on how to fix many kinds of website issues and provides very clear guidance on how to implement each fix.

It’s good for us, because we have project leads for our digital brands who know what to look for and what is important to track. And they can show the rest of their teams how to use ContentLook for checking results and getting better results based on the analysis.

For a company of the size we envisioned, we would need to have 2 accounts, on the Business Plan payment plan, and we would definitely need the white-glove services, to help our teams make sure they understand who is who on each of the two accounts.

2 x $200 USD / month … x 12 months.

$4,800 USD / year

$699 USD / year – whiteglove services

Total Subscription Value:

$5,499 USD / Year.

Maybe in the future, the Squirrly Team, will think of making custom enterprise plans for their solution. Business Plan allows for up to 3 websites, but our teams work on at least 6 at a time.

7. Next UP: Adding SEO for our Shopify Sites as well.

Squirrly has created the Shopify SEO App by Squirrly, which is a different product from the main SaaS + plugin available to WordPress audiences.

Different product, with different databases, paid through different stores.

Think about Android’s Google Play and the Apple AppStore. You can’t buy from one and then transfer the paid content to the other platform.

Shopify handles trials and takes payments themselves and part of the commission goes to them.

So, we learned that for our Shopify stores, we would need to get different licenses … one per each store… which is very much unlike the Tier #1 pricing plans and Tier #2 pricing plans that Squirrly has available on their Squirrly SEO pricing pages.

What About using Squirrly SEO on CMS’es that don’t use Shopify or WordPress?

  • totally doable. They (Squirrly) have thousands of customers using just the SaaS Side of Squirrly SEO, without the added value of the WordPress plugin.
  • and they use it on Wix, SquareOnline, and custom PHP sites, or javascript-based sites

You can reach out to Squirrly’s support to get one of those accounts started.

However, for us at ChiefContent, while doing this research, that part wasn’t needed.

WHY ???

Because the SaaS+plugin paid plans of Squirrly SEO for WordPress allows you to add sites which were NOT built in WP to your account.

And you can start managing them and doing your SEO directly from the SaaS side of Squirrly SEO.

So, for our Enterprise

  • we have 40 WordPress sites
  • 5 Sites made in Custom PHP

those are covered by the 3rd Chapter of this post right here. (by the Web Dev Kit max plan)

In this 7th Chapter, we focus on getting Squirrly SEO for the 5 Shopify stores we own.

According to the SEO App’s pricing page, the PRO Plan would help us with the first step.

5 * 29.99 USD / month * 12 months

$1,799.4 USD / year.

There are no whiteglove services available for this license, because the Squirrly team doesn’t have access to change the subscriptions inside Shopify’s closed payments system.

Total Subscription Value:

$1,799.4 USD / year.

But … and there’s a really big but and I cannot lie: we won’t be getting Google SERP Data in this PRO version, like we get from the payment plan we looked at in Chapter 3.

Only Google Search Console data is available, which we don’t really like because it shows averages, instead of giving us a daily overview of every single ranking increase that happens daily across our stores.

We’d feel like we’re being stuck in time, and we need to make sure our e-commerce teams are responsive to any ups and downs.

8. Adding Real SERP Data and Rank Tracking Data to our Shopify Stores.

Next up, getting Squirrly’s servers to handle rank tracking data for us, via SERP Checker Cloud by Squirrly.

Getting this add-on for each Shopify store would get each account on-par with the capabilities available to Business Plan users of Squirrly SEO (except for the number of sites; and except for Focus Pages.). Can be seen here.

One add-on for each Shopify Store.

5 * $49.99 USD / month * 12 months

$2,999.4 USD / year.

We will add White Glove Services, since this is for 5 different licenses and 5 different stores. Let Squirrly’s team handle this for us.

$699 USD / year.

Total Subscription Value for One Year:

$3,698.4 USD / year.

This add-on for Shopify stores is sold by Squirrly sales agents and account managers only at the moment, and the payment, license and subscription works directly through Squirrly’s store.

If you need it, ask their support teams and they will help you out.

9. At This Point, We’d Start Looking at Monetizing Our Premium Content.

Surprisingly, Squirrly has an awesome solution for this as well, which has been used by larger organizations and pharmaceutical companies until now.

The product is still in Beta, but only because the sales process happens through direct sales, and the Squirrly team still hasn’t found a way to place this solution inside their Store for Entrepreneurs on

With so many personal brands, thought leaders and instructors in ChiefContent’s enterprise, we’d naturally try to monetize our knowledge and share it with our audiences.

Learning Solutions by Squirrly – Start Teaching Online. Next Week.

Yes, next week.

This is the most hands-on approach we’ve ever seen done by a Tech company.

You have your videos and PDF materials ready. You give them to Squirrly’s team for Learning Solutions and the team will get them ready for you in a white-label platform in one week.

  • all your courses online in one week
  • payment system by Squirrly
  • invoices to your customers by Squirrly
  • hosting by Squirrly
  • database management by Squirrly – fully yours. Squirrly can give you everything so you can move anywhere else; they don’t lock you in!!!
  • your own white-label platform
  • domain name by Squirrly

And anything required. Even a Vimeo Premium Account from Squirrly.

They can even setup an Analytics solution for you, so you can see which course items students have visited, in what order, which are your most popular lessons, and a lot more.

$3,000 USD / year.

Learning Solutions is fully managed. So you don’t neet a white-glove service for this one.

Total Subscription Value for One Year:

$3,000 USD / year.

Best thing yet: Education Cloud PLUS is made in Learning Solutions by Squirrly.

The Squirrly team behind Education Cloud PLUS created a white-label version of their own Learning Solutions platform, to be able to show-case the power of the platform.

Education Cloud PLUS already has over 1,000 paying customers.

10. Looking at training new employees with Education Cloud PLUS

Of course, we’d have many new employees coming in and we’d want them to get up to speed ASAP on all things digital marketing.

Alexandra from ChiefContent has already seen in two of Squirrly’s Facebook Groups that some business owners started getting all their new recruits inside Education Cloud PLUS, by Squirrly and they talked about why they did it and how it worked out for them.

Turns out, many are using Education Cloud PLUS to get their new employees to understand what they are supposed to do in order to:

  • bring the company’s pages up on Google search
  • make the company popular is social media feeds and even in social media groups (where relevant)
  • convert the traffic they get to the website, to buyers, or to leads.
  • create engaging content, that boosts the company’s digital brand
  • book meetings with potential clients
  • boost website security

This way, new employees understand what’s expected of them, and the company benefits from new employees who actually know what they’re doing online.

Our Enterprise would definitely look into this, as it makes things so easy.

We’ve had to ask for Enterprise plans, because the site only lists the affordable ones which are for one user.

There is a plan with yearly access for up to 10 users.

$1667 USD / one year

$699 USD / year for white glove services for this SaaS.

Total Subscription Value for One Year:

$2,366 USD / year

Is it SaaS?

  • Yes! It’s a software as a service that your company can use in order to train top management or to train your employees. It has many features, to help make studying the courses a lot better.

11. Regardless of what we’ve tried on some of our sites, our SEO is still completely stuck. Let’s make SEO “Unstuck” with RankJumps by Squirrly.

The RankJumps service is perfect for sites where our team just can’t move the needle and we need outside help.

Given that it’s delivered to us by the experts who worked on the Ranking Vision AI system, it’s pretty safe to know that our SEO is in good hands and that they will see things we just can’t see.

This service is also completely hands-on on Squirrly’s end. And they will make great rankings happen for us and even re-design our website, if their Power Core analysis, shows that the website needs to be rebuilt, in order to truly perform on search engines.

RankJumps will also get new content for us, social signals, traffic, backlinks, landing page design, buyer personas, and a lot more. It’s a huge marketing package.

Let’s say we have 1 website where our team really can’t move the needle.

We’d get RankJumps for it.

$14,400 USD for one year of subscription.

No white-glove is required, because the RankJumps team handles everything.

Total Subscription Value Is:

$14,400 USD / year.

There you have it.

Conclusion and Final Yearly Costs to Go Fully Digital With Squirrly at Max PLANS on Everything They Offer:

Let’s say that ChiefContent became an enterprise, as we kept describing inside the content of this article.

We’d be looking to spend:

$39,921.87 USD / year

If you’re a smaller business, don’t worry.

There are extremely affordable prices available for you in Squirrly’s Store for Entrepreneurs >>

The prices for beginning entrepreneurs and small business are much more affordable.

But we wanted to make an analysis and see, out of curiosity, how much it would cost to buy everything from Squirrly at the MAX pricing plans they offer.

Turns out it would be: $39,922 USD / year.

Plans for small businesses with few websites can be seen here … with a much smaller price tag (this pack includes 5 of their most popular products).

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