Best Affiliate Marketing Programs (MOST SUPPORT)

Google high paying affiliate marketing programs, and you’ll find long lists of articles covering that topic in-depth. 

Google affiliate marketing programs that offer the most support, and you’ll see there are very few recommendations on this.

That’s pretty crazy, considering that getting support (as in: guidance, access to promotional materials, training, marketing inspiration) is what can help affiliate marketers such as yourself be super effective with their marketing efforts. 

And thus, EARN a lot MORE. 

It may be that getting support when joining an affiliate program is something to be expected, but some companies do it better than others. 

Here are 3 affiliate marketing programs that go above and beyond when it comes to helping their affiliates be insanely successful!

1. Squirrly’s Affiliate Program

Squirrly provides marketing software (sold in 90 countries). They offer solutions for WordPress SEO, personal branding, website analysis, social media management, competitive research, and continuous marketing learning.

Over 7,400 business owners and decision-makers from all over the world pay subscriptions for Squirrly’s many SaaS solutions. 

Squirrly’s Affiliate Program is designed by marketers who know what it takes to successfully sell products online. And it shows in the support they offer. 

Take, for example, Squirrly’s Affiliate Inspiration Hub – which is basically a HUGE library of Marketing Ideas on how to promote different pages from Squirrly in creative ways to generate sales.  

Their library also contains hundreds of pre-made social media posts that affiliates can simply Copy&Paste on their desired social media networks to generate sales. 

❤️ Why this is awesome: 

One word: inspiration. As an affiliate marketer, you always have to come up with new marketing ideas, ways to integrate the products you’re promoting in your content, things to write about, and so on. Squirrly’s Affiliate Program has that part covered. 

Also, as you can see in the SCREENSHOT below showcasing Squirrly’s Inspiration Hub, every idea is presented in detail, which makes it super easy to implement.

As a Squirrly Affiliate, you also get: 

  • Access to Product Kits that show you different ways to effectively promote their products; 
  • Access to hundreds of professionally-designed visual assets including product images and videos, testimonials, beautiful graphics, and banners. (just slapping some of those images in a blog post, for example, helps elevate the content and improves your chances of getting people to click on your links) 
  • The chance to increase your standard Commission Rate by completing different challenges. 

2. The Vidnami Affiliate Program

Vidnami (online video creator) has a very popular affiliate program, and one of the reasons why the program is so well-loved is the support they offer to their Affiliates. 

Vidnami makes it super easy to get started with promoting their product. You get access to several offers that you can begin promoting by merely sharing an affiliate link. 

They also do a great job communicating with their community of affiliates via email, letting their partners know when they have special offers going on, and sharing tips on how affiliates can best promote those offers to generate sales.  

Furthermore, as a Vidnami Affiliate, you get sent useful email templates that you can use to promote different assets and offers from Vidnami to your email lists.  

❤️ Why this is awesome: 

Email templates are a huge time-saver and can make your job as an affiliate a lot easier.

3. Fiverr Affiliates Program

Fiverr bills itself as the world’s largest digital services marketplace, with over 11 million users in 190 countries. 

In addition to their generous commission plan, the Fiverr affiliates program also offers professional support to their partners. As a Fiverr Affiliate, you get access to:

  • Tutorials; 
  • A dedicated Affiliate manager;
  • User-friendly dashboards to launch, manage and monitor your campaigns,
  • A portfolio of creative resources that you can use to promote Fiverr.

❤️ Why this is awesome: 

Just like with Squirrly’s Affiliate program, having access to different resources that you can use in your promotion efforts means that some of the heavy-lifting is already done for you.

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