Amazing Female Entrepreneurs with a Strong Social Media Activity to Follow in 2021

We love to highlight and acknowledge successful entrepreneurs out there every chance we get. And because March is a month dedicated to celebrating women from all over the world, we decided to introduce you to some amazing female entrepreneurs who also happen to rock on social media.

You can take inspiration from their success and grow as a social media marketer and entrepreneur.

After all, the entrepreneurial life is a tough one. There are many days when you wonder if you’re doing the right things and whether your efforts will pay off or not. Unfortunately, there is no recipe for achieving success overnight, but you can surely find inspiration to help you get through the tough days and move forward.

Here’s a list of 7 inspiring ladies with a strong social media presence who managed to achieve tremendous success in their lines of work.

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amazing female entrepreneurs

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amazing female entrepreneurs

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Amazing Female Entrepreneurs with a Strong Social Media Activity to Follow in 2021

Feel free to also check out the text version of the infographic above. Here, you can find the links to all of the social media profiles of the entrepreneurs included in this article.


Rachel Hollis is deeply passionate about empowering women. She was named one of the “Top 30 Entrepreneurs under 30” by INC. Magazine.

She is also a #1 New York Times best-selling author of “Girl, Wash Your Face,” a TV personality, inspiring motivational speaker, top podcast host, CCO of The Hollis Company, and proud mother of four.

Rachel managed to build a career out of helping and empowering women by giving them the tools they need to make a positive and lasting change in their lives.

She uses social media to inspire and challenge her audience to become the best version of themselves.



Jasmine is one of the TOP 10 Wedding Photographers in the World, according to Popular Photography. Somehow, Jasmine has the creative energy to run her photography company, a branding business, and a My Social Curator program as well.

She is deeply passionate about creating video content, being one of the early adopters of Instagram TV. Jasmine loves to help others by offering training videos about social media, brand strategy and more.



Oprah called Marie “a thought leader for the next generation.” Her name was also mentioned as part of the top 100 Websites for Entrepreneurs list made by

Marie’s primary mission is to help women use their strengths to change the world. Marie is a mentor for young business owners, and the creator of MarieTV, an award-winning show.

Plus, she also founded the B-School, an online business training program.



Natalie’s journey started way back, in high school, when she discovered her love for photography. Being raised by a family of “science nerds,” Natalie pursued a degree in Visual Studies with a focus on neuroscience and psychology.

Natalie is an educator, entrepreneur, and a firm believer in the power of community. She likes to mobilize and inspire creative people and promotes the idea of community over competition.

Also, she is obsessed with everything related to coffee.

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Samantha is the founder of Hungry for Happiness and the creator of The Phoenix Formula, a signature coaching process.
Her mission is to help women around the world have a healthy relationship with food. Samantha’s journey started with her own struggle of having to deal with an eating disorder and body image issues.

After realizing that conventional diets don’t work, she began to focus on the emotional side of her struggle. And that is how Samantha was able to turn things around and see a real change.

Samantha is now focused on helping others achieve the same with her signature process. Her goal is to fulfill her Hungry for Happiness mission to help 1 million people quit dieting and turn to a healthy lifestyle.



Martha started her career as a stockbroker, but after the birth of her daughter, she decided to follow her passion for gourmet cooking, entertainment, and decorations.

She started a prosperous catering business with a friend from her modeling past. And she did it all from her basement. Thanks to her success as a chef and hostess, she was then able to release her first book “Entertaining.” This was the start of Martha Stewart’s books and television appearances.

Later on, the Martha Stewart Living magazine and the show with the same name were born, and the Martha Stewart Omnimedia company took shape.

Not surprisingly, Martha was declared “the definitive American woman of our time” by New York Magazine.

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Oprah Gail Winfrey is a TV show host, actress, producer, philanthropist and most importantly, an entrepreneur. She started her career as the co-host of a morning talk show called “Baltimore Is Talking” with Richard Sher. Her incredible charisma and wit helped her become the voice behind A.M. Chicago. But her big break came after the show became The Oprah Winfrey Show, making her the first black women to host and run a TV show.

Oprah’s popularity grew even more significant after her success as an actress in “The Color Purple.” After ending the Oprah Show, she founded her own production company, Harpo Inc.

Oprah was named “Woman of Achievement” by the National Organization of Women and received a special award from the Chicago Academy of the Arts for unique contributions to the city’s artistic community.


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