9 Awesome WordPress Plugins to Turn Your Writing into Child’s Play

WordPress is the unquestionable leader when it comes to content management systems. The reasons for this are pretty obvious:

  • A vast community of developers who continue to contribute;
  • The most straightforward website creation tool on the market – a total novice can create a beautiful website and blog for free or at a low cost;
  • It’s designed so that small, mid-sized, and large enterprises/organizations all have options to suit their needs. Consider that corporations like Disney, The Wall Street Journal, Star Wars, and BBC America all use WordPress, along with mid-sized e-commerce retailers and a considerable number of small businesses;
  • Out of all content management systems, WordPress holds 27% of the market share, and that’s huge;
  • Developers continue to create WordPress plugins to meet the evolving and growing needs of various organizations.

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For Newbies – What are Plugins?

If you are a beginner to WordPress, you do have a bit to learn.

Setting up your website or blog may be relatively easy, as it requires no coding skills. But setting up your dashboard and then adding the plugins that will best meet your needs will mean a bit of work.

Plugins are like “extras” that are added to WordPress sites. They are extensions created by developers within the WordPress community and can be easily installed.

The plugins will add different functions or settings to personalize your site.

Finding helpful plugins is not difficult. WordPress.org/plugins directory has over 52,000 of them, and site owners can search for plugins they need by category, read their descriptions, and make an informed decision about installing them or not.

For Writers

The term “writer” can mean many things.

Writers who use WordPress include authors of fiction and non-fiction, bloggers who monetize, content marketers, and more.

They all have different goals, but they have certain needs in common. And these needs are very diverse. On the WordPress.org directory, there are 22 pages of plugins for writers, so it will be essential to do careful research before selecting and installing some of them on your site.

Here is a small sampling of 9 WordPress plugins that may make a writer’s job much more manageable. Some are established and popular; others are more recent on the market but have a lot of potential.

1. SEO Squirrly. Developer: Squirrly

This is an amazingly-comprehensive plugin for any author. Neil Patel, the outstanding content marketer, stated the following: “Squirrly is more than an SEO tool – it is a complete content marketing suite.”

While the traditional SEO tool has been Yoast, SEO Squirrly has added some features that make it stand out. The tool makes it possible to optimize an article for SEO on an as-you-type basis; it sends an SEO audit of the entire site and gives recommendations for enhancement.

This is a freemium software, with a powerful FREE version and a PRO version that provides more features. Getting analysis and audit reports, along with great research tools, can give valuable information for writers as they move forward with their strategies.

2. Co-Schedule. Developer: CoSchedule

This plugin is basically an editorial calendar that can help teams of writers stay organized and collaborate more efficiently. The tool can also automate content marketing and social media publishing, posting at the best traffic times for each platform.

Additional features include integration with Evernote and Google Docs, a headline analyzer, Google Analytics, and more.

It is a great project management/scheduling tool that helps teams become more efficient.

3. Nelio Content – Auto Publish on Social Media. Developer: Nelio Software

This developer has put together a multi-purpose writing tool for editing content, adding media (video, photos, maps, graphics, etc.), and more.

The plugin provides a set of essential features, like an editorial calendar, social networks integration for better promotion, analytics, and a content assistant that helps you keep every detail intact.

4. Google Analytics Dashboard Plugin. Developer: Google

A plugin that will give you all the data you want regarding the success of your articles and posts, emails and push notifications. The premium version provides real-time analytics. Get the information you need to improve your content and increase your open rates.

5. Post Title Formatter. Developer: Get Good Grade

You spend a lot of time ensuring that what you write is engaging and well-documented.

You want the headline to attract readers, and this tool will make sure that your title is formatted correctly – the right words are capitalized, and the correct punctuation is inserted. It’s free and installs within seconds.

6. Atomic Writer. Developer: Atomicreach

Current users give developer Atomicreach a 5-star rating on this plugin.

It’s an excellent tool for content marketers and bloggers, providing a score for each piece of content based on readability, text density, emotion, etc. Writers will also get recommendations and suggestions for “fixing” issues based on the demographic profile of the audience they want to target.

7. Plan My Novel. Developer: Jamel Cato

Both aspiring and current writers can use this plugin which provides a template-like format for creating plot outlines, developing characters, and other necessary elements, such as outline tool, budget tracking, and a great Character tool to make the precise plan for all the personages in your novel.

Developer Jamel Cato is a famous name in plugin development aimed at creative writers.

8. Speech to Text. Developer: Biztechc

This is a plugin for writers who prefer to “talk” their content rather than type it. The tool does just what it says – converts all speech to text which can then be manually edited for the necessary polish.

Users need to install the plugin, open Chrome browser, and use a microphone – and voila, they are ready to go.

9. Writer Press Kit. Developer: Jamel Cato

This plugin will be an excellent choice for those writers who are beginning their way on self-branding and need additional assistance in PR.

The tool, developed by Jamel Cato, provides a perfect template for crafting press releases for media outlets that conform to industry standards.

Writers, You Need to Start Using These WordPress Plugins

This list of just nine plugins for writers is meant to illustrate the variety of helpful tools that are available through WordPress. Check out the WordPress.org/plugins directory, type in your search category, and find many more.

Let me know down in the comments which WordPress plugin would you recommend for writers and marketers.

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