7 Successful Real Estate Marketing Strategies the Pros Use

You have to constantly ask yourself: what are the most successful real estate marketing strategies? What do the best realtors use? How are they able to achieve their goals?

Over 60% of home buyers who actually take action on a real estate website start by typing a local term in a search engine. So your site needs to be there.

It is no longer efficient just to post your offers on an aggregator. You need to go the extra mile and work hard.

A solid strategy will almost guarantee you won’t be hitting rock bottom.

What are the Best Social Media Channels to Use?

As a real estate company, you want to be where everybody is. Nowadays, people hang out on social media networks. It is important to find out which are the ones suited for you, so you don’t waste your time.

Are you wondering what the most popular social media networks are? Let’s look at some numbers from April 2016:

  • Facebook – 1.6 billion users
  • Instagram – 400 million users
  • Twitter – 320 million users
  • LinkedIn and Pinterest – 100 million users each
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Why is Social Media so Important for Real Estate Marketing Strategies?

You want your clients to be educated and have a high-income, right? Yes, you do! Social media users tend to be more urban than rural. A large part of them already has a degree. They also have a job and tend to generate a high-income.

72% of all U.S. adults visit Facebook at least once a month.

Almost 66% of U.S. companies use Twitter for marketing.

There are 3.5 billion likes on Instagram every day.

42% of all online women use Pinterest.

The average CEO has 930 LinkedIn connections.

Now that you know these facts, let’s go deeper. These are seven of the most successful real estate marketing strategies that professionals use.

01. Location Based Hashtags Are a Must

A hashtag is a word or phrase preceded by the hash sign (#). It is used to find other messages on the same topic.

Let’s say a person wants to move to another city. The first thing they would do is go to a search engine and enter a descriptive phrase about what they’re interested in.

Then they look to social media – #yourtown. Facebook, Twitter. Instagram – they all use hashtags. They will find everything that’s been written about it. Your real estate marketing strategy needs to include this.

Karen Yankovich is the CEO for Uplevel Media:

Someone is sitting on their couch in another town, searching #yourtown on Twitter or Instagram to see what’s happening in a town they’re interested in moving to. Make sure your content comes up!

02. Always Connect with Your Audience and Be Helpful

72% of customers that make a complaint about a brand on Twitter expect an answer within the hour. So it is vital to be there. You need to be active and communicative.

Connect with your audience as often as you can. Respond to all private messages. Keep in mind that Facebook lets users know how much time it takes for them to get a response.

Twitter enables you to add Direct Message deep links to your tweets. That is an excellent way to help a customer – having a one-on-one conversation.

Louise Armstrong is a senior digital strategist at Bonafide:

It’s important to respond to any message you receive through social media from your customer base.

Social media is a great way to connect with your potential audience, so it’s important not to miss out on any opportunities.

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03. Mention Your Partners in Blog Posts

You’re putting a lot of time and effort into writing great and insightful blog posts. But if you have a small fanbase, your work won’t reach enough people.

Mentioning other companies you love or just work with is a great strategy. After you’ve published the content, mail them and let them know.

It is a great way to gain exposure on Social Media. Jordan Scheltgen, managing partner at Cave Social, says it best:

(…) mention other companies which you work with/love in your company blog. Then from there, actually email and message those companies on Facebook telling that you’ve featured them in a blog post and you think their followers would love it. This is a great way for real estate companies with little-to-no followers to gain exposure on social media.

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04. Partake in Reddit Conversations for Your City’s Subreddit

Reddit has over 1 million unique visitors every day. Reddit entries are organized into areas of interest known as subreddits. If you haven’t checked yet, it is a high possibility your city has its own subreddit.

It is a great place to get leads. People use these sections to get help or answers to some of their questions. For real estate marketing purposes it works wonders.

Marie Haynes is a sales representative for Royal Lepage Team Realty. Here’s how it works for her:

We have had great success partaking in Reddit conversations for our city’s subreddit. We have Google alerts set up to tell us when someone writes a question about moving to this city or about a particular
neighbourhood. Then we jump in and try to give a helpful answer. This has resulted in a good amount of business for us.

05. Make it Fun and Personal

Facebook and Twitter are mostly used for personal purposes. People talk with their friends or relatives. They share personal opinions. They engage at a personal level.

So when you’re using these social media networks as a brand, you need to do the same. Make your posts fun. Try to understand what your audience would be interested in learning about. Get personal.

A house is not just a house. It is a feeling, a possibility of a cozy home for a family.

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06. Create a Real Estate Marketing Strategy for Sellers Too

Real estate companies often tend to tailor their strategy only towards the buyers. If your blog posts aren’t addressed to sellers as well, you’ll lose opportunities.

Let them know how you can help. Tell them about your social media experience and audience. Make them feel like you’re the answer to all of their problems. They’re going to want to list with you if you have thousands of followers.

Karen Yankovich, CEO for Uplevel Media says so herself:

Don’t forget the sellers! Let them know you are a social media rockstar, and you’ll be promoting their property to your online community. That gives you incentive to GROW those online communities, they’re going to want to list with you if you have thousands of social followers!

07. Be a Part of Your City’s Community

As mentioned before, people use social media networks for personal matters. They share impressions and great experiences. So why not do the same?

If you go to a restaurant and have a good time, take a picture. Post it on your company’s page, tag the place and let people know. There is a high chance the restaurant will return the favor.

That also sends a positive message to your audience. It tells them you are part of the community. It makes you more trustworthy.


Having a strong real estate marketing strategy, like the pros do, isn’t rocket science. As long as you follow the tips presented above, you should get the edge over your competition.

Social media networks are a great way to get up close and personal with your audience. Treat them like people, not numbers.

Don’t leave any aspect untouched. Use hashtags, get involved in your community, engage with your audience. Try, test and measure. Some of the strategies mentioned above might not work for your real estate company. Experiment.

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