Ah…the smell of fresh flowers and chocolate in the air.  You know what this means, right? Valentine’s Day is coming. And people get in the mood. For shopping.

Look, whether you’re into the holiday or not, there’s is no denying the fact that this is a great opportunity to make sales. That’s if you know how to leverage it.

In the eCommerce world, Valentine’s Day is not just a day – it’s an entire month full of opportunity to sell more products. And we’re not just talking about stuffed teddy bears, flowers, and jewelry here.

You can use the following Valentine’s Day marketing ideas to market pretty much anything. 

valentine's day marketing ideas

1. Create an Original Landing Page that Tells a Story (a Love Story, that is)

When it comes to running any marketing campaign, landing pages are definitely a staple. And the good news is that you can add some Valentine’s Day pizzazz to make your landing page extra special.

Now, depending on the niche you’re in, you may think that there is no way you can tie in your products with the specifics of the holiday.

Well, the marketing team behind Squirrly SEO proves that you don’t have to sell chocolates to get in on some Valentine’s Day Marketing action.

You could just as well sell software.

Squirrly SEO for Shopify is an SEO App that helps Shopify store owners optimize and rank their product pages on the first page of Google. And although they sell software (which is not very romantic), they made the concept of their landing page fit right in with the famous love celebration.

Why we ♥ it:

Their love-themed landing page is a nice example of the power of creative storytelling and clever copywriting. And the attention they paid to details doesn’t go unnoticed.

This page is a great source of inspiration, so I thought I’d break it down into smaller parts so that you can get inspired and maybe try something similar in one of your campaigns as well.

A) A catchy, cleverly-worded Headline that introduces the Value Proposition.

The headline instantly catches your attention and sparks curiosity. Plus, it speaks to the potential customer’s problem, which in this case is getting more leads to their Shopify stores and increasing online visibility.

Valentine's Day Marketing Ideas

B) It Has a Well Put-together Storyline which Makes the Page a Great Read.

It’s your usual medieval love story – only for E-commerce, which ends with stores and Google fading into the sunset in a warm embrace (sorry, I may have gotten a bit carried away here). The reason this page is so enjoyable to read is that it follows the best practices of writing a good story, and contains:

  • A plot which starts with the initial struggle that Shopify store owners face: “Lost in the depths of Google’s SERP Tower dungeon, lies your beautiful Shopify store. Hidden from the world by its competitive step-sisters.” Then, as the text progresses, the tension gets more and more tense and exciting, until readers are provided with a solution to achieve final victory.

Valentine's Day marketing ideas

  • Characters, most of which are actually the app’s features. 
  • A cohesive style and tone. The language used feels right to the story throughout the text.
  • A setting: You can imagine the action taking place in a medieval setting populated by knights and princesses.
  • A Happy Ending that is not actually the end of the story. Their final call-to-action is not meant as the story’s end. It’s the Cliffhanger, and a way for prospects to create their own stories.

Valentine's Day marketing ideas

C) The Apps’s Core Features Are Skilfully Included in the Narrative. 

Instead of blandly presenting the app’s main features, the writer did an excellent job making them part of the story which makes the information easier to understand. Plus, because of the metaphors used, it’s much more interesting to learn about how each feature helps you as a Shopify store owner to rank your pages. For instance:

  • The Keyword Research feature is an “enchanted gem that lets you find out the hidden keyword stairwells to the top.”

Valentine's Day marketing ideas

  • The Live Assistant, a feature that helps Shopify store owners to fully optimize their pages, becomes a traveling compass guiding every “step you take on the trail of your written content.”
  • The Audit Suite, a feature that tracks all essential aspects that Shopify store owners should monitor in terms of their content marketing strategy, is described as a sidekick to help owners “evaluate every fight.”Valentine's Day Marketing Ideas

Throughout the landing page, the text is shaped so that the story flows and keeps readers immersed. But it’s also specific enough to emphasize the plugin’s main features and benefits it provides users. It actually makes you want to learn more about the product but in a fun and engaging way.

And honestly, it makes it really hard not to get into that whole Valentine’s Day spirit (even if you’re not a fan of the holiday).

2. Write a Blog Post in the Format of a Special V-Day Gift Guide

Creating a special blog post is one of the best Valentine’s Day marketing ideas because it’s a great way to bring in traffic by leveraging people’s interests during this time of the year.

You know shoppers are going to be busy looking for that perfect gift to give their significant others on V-Day, so your job is to help them out.  Gift guides are an excellent strategy because it allows you to bring your products in front of holiday shoppers at the right time.

Onegeek shop, a Shopify store that sells anime toys, gaming items and more, fully leveraged this marketing idea. Knowing that gifts for loved ones are top of mind around Valentine’s Day, they’ve created an awesome resource titled  25 Epic DIY Valentine’s Gifts to Make for Your Nerdy Loved One.

The content is a perfect mixture between the store’s niche (the kind of products they sell) and Valentine’s Day marketing. Plus, it’s well-tailored to their audience. As a result, they managed to attract lots of traffic, and also get a lot of positive reactions from people in the comment section.

valentine's day marketing ideas

Why we ♥ it: 

Onegeek store managed to create a useful, attractive piece of content that ties in with the whole V-Day celebration to bring in more traffic and make visitors learn about their products in a way that doesn’t seem forced.

A few best practices you can use to replicate their success:

  • Do keyword research to find the best keywords to target in your content. Look for keywords that have high search volume and low competition. This will help you bring lots of traffic to your site or store.
  • Always create the content with your buyer persona in mind to make it relevant and valuable.
  • Make the product the main attraction. Not all gift ideas have to be products that you sell in your online store, but you can think about including some of your products when it makes sense.
  • More is better, meaning that the more ideas you can include in your gift guide, the more likely it is for the majority of visitors to find something useful in it. Also, people generally like to have options.
  • Arrange the gifts into different categories that resonate your customers (for example, organize them based on different price points or the gender for which they are best suited).
  • Add plenty of images to make the content visually interesting and help visitors picture themselves owning those products.

3. Spruce Up Your Email Marketing to Turn on the Heat and Charm Your Audience

Email marketing remains one of the best ways to reach your leads and convert them into customers – and you can most likely piggyback on Valentine’s Day to make more sales and strengthen your relationship with your subscribers.

One way to do so is to send a personalized deal that will make your email lists feel valued and special. Do it in the form of a special Valentine’s Day Card that will make people smile when they open it.

I like this one because it’s quite simple, design-wise, but impactful and quite memorable.

source: Pinterest

After all, who doesn’t love chocolate?

Plus, the text that accompanies the image “Something really sweet just for you” combined with the CTA “Click here to find out” taps right into people’s curious nature. Be honest, would you resist clicking on it?

All of that combined with a seductive subject line that plays into the whole V-Day theme is bound to get people’s attention.

Love is in the Air and So Is the Potential for Sales! Use These Valentine’s Day Marketing Ideas to Leverage it

These Valentine’s Day marketing ideas can help you charm your audience and make them want to spend more money with you. Which one of them will you consider trying for your online business? I’d love to read your answers in the comment section below.

I wish you a very profitable Valentine’s Day, cause that’s hot. 🙂


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