If you want to generate more traffic to your blog, you should know how to write your articles to be so interesting for your readers that they will share them for you.

1. Write high quality content

Don’t hurry to write your articles just to have them written. Take your time to write them. In this way you will write articles with high quality content that would be shared.

PRO Tip: If you’re in a writer’s block with writing high quality content for your industry specific blog, use a tool like Squirrly SEO that has an inspiration box, which makes article writing faster.

2. Check your content

It doesn’t matter how good your article is, if it has many writing mistakes or spelling or grammar mistakes.

PRO Tip: You also need to check how well your article is optimized for search engines before posting it. There are plugins for WordPress that help you with this, but you can also learn some of the best stuff for free from the experts. See it here.
Optimizing your articles for search engines will ensure that you rank higher on search engines and improve your readership (plus number of buyers, if you’re into selling products or services).

3. Check your post design

Always check your post designs before you publish them. Make sure that your articles are looking great, because only in this way can you increase your chances to be shared.

PRO Tip: Use a snippet to see how your article will also look on search engines. It can boost your conversion a lot. And setting up your Google Authorship will make even more people click on your article to read it. A free coaching class on how to set this up is available here.

4. Use specific images

Using specific images in your content can increase your traffic to your blog.

PRO Tip: If you find great images for your blog, you can use Pinterest to drive viewers to your blog, much faster then by Google Images search. There’s a free coaching session available on how to find free images that you can use for your specific topics. And they are copyright free.

5. Write attractive titles

Nobody will read your articles if they have some boring titles. Make sure that your titles are so attractive that they will be clicked to read.

PRO Tip: Copyblogger has some amazing ideas for how you can write attractive titles. And guess what? We have an awesome coaching session on this subject as well. Isn’t it great, how we help you with everything?

6. Start strong

Write like a journalist and begin your articles with the most important thing that you want your readers to find out about.

PRO Tip: Read some publications and see how their first paragraph is written. Use AllTop.com to find the best publications in your industry.

7. Write articles which are easy to be shared

Make sure that you have the share buttons active.

PRO Tip: What makes any piece of content shareable is something that is positive and makes the one sharing it look really good to his own followers and friends. Do that, and your article will be shared.

8. Promote your posts

Try to always make updates to your posts and try to promote them on different social media platforms.

Also, try to use pictures with the link to your post.
PRO Tip: To find the social media channels that your content will perform best on, try to figure which social channels are popular among your targeted audience. For example, Google+ is a great place if you have content for internet marketers. Otherwise, if you’re not writing for them, it will be hard to get any ROI from Google+ at the moment.


9. Be quote worthy

You can take some information from somewhere else, but always mention the source.

PRO Tip: remember, the quote has to make the person who’s supposed to quote your or RT your quote, look good and appear smart, determined, any kind of positive trait.

10. Be timely

Try to post as often as possible to your blog to increase your readership.

PRO Tip: If you can manage to write a lot of good content in 2 days and then have it distributed over the whole week, that’s perfect. It can help you get to 1 article / day which is sure to bring you a great return on your content writing investment of time, intellect and energy.
Cristina Coroiu