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Author: Cristina Coroiu

How The 4 Stages of Productivity Produce Killer Content

Long before killer content on the Internet was even thought of, a British social psychologist named Graham Wallas produced a theory explaining the 4 Stages of Productivity.  Originally published in 1926, his work, The Art of Thought, is now out of print and the surviving copies sell at a very expensive price. Why is this so valuable today, especially for content marketers? Because this is a secret strategy for producing engaging, epic and totally killer content! The power behind its efficiency rests between the conscious and the subconscious mind. Don't worry, you don't need to spend $100 on the book. Click To...

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Warning: These Mistakes May Be Harming Your Business

When you’re the CEO, accountant, marketer, product developer, writer and everything else of your business, it’s often difficult to recognize a mistake until it’s too late and the damage is already done. Having to wear so many hats in order to get the business off the ground can cause tunnel vision. Click To Tweet You’re so stressed out and exhausted trying to get everything done you don’t slow down long enough to stand back and take a look. This means you could be making some crucial mistakes that cause your hard-earned money to go right down the drain: 1)...

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The Disadvantages of Social Media Marketing Need to Be Taken into Account

If you are a business owner, then you’ve probably already heard how beneficial social media marketing can be when it comes to ensuring  that your business will prosper. However, nobody seems to focus on the disadvantages of social media marketing. Instead, they hyper focus on the benefits. Click To Tweet Sure, it’s easier to live in denial and say social media marketing doesn’t have any drawbacks, but this won’t help you grow your business. Knowing both the positives and the negatives will help you make the right decisions for your business. This information is right up your alley, especially if you are tired...

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15 Valuable Insights on How An Editorial Calendar Can Help You With Content Creation

If this article were to be written ten years ago (or more), an editorial calendar would have consisted of some post-its pinned to your cork board, or written down in your agenda. But things have drastically changed since then. Writing has expanded, the way content is created has changed and the tools needed to produce it have evolved. As a result, you need some kind of mechanism through which you’re able to track what you write and make some sort of schedule for it. Why You Should Have An Editorial Calendar This article lists some of the most common reasons why...

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Is website analysis influencing your articles ? It should

When thinking about website analysis many people consider the graphics and metrics but don’t actually have an understanding of how this information influences their creation process. Knowing how to interpret the information means you’ll identify what the problems are and also some solutions. Why website analysis information can influence your work Information is very important, but it’s only useful when you know which information, and how to interpret it and use it in the future. Some key website analysis data that can help in your creation process is connected to your traffic. There are a few levels at which...

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