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Author: Cristina Coroiu

6 Steps In Achieving a Good Workflow For The Best SEO

Having a website on WordPress, you will start wondering “how can I make my site, one of those popular sites”. There are many possibilities but I suggest you concentrate on making it the best SEO WordPress site. Lots of time and energy will be put into this, but this part will actually show good results. The great part is that you can actually do this work on your own and make it have the best SEO possible. To keep relevant on the internet, you have to keep on writing content at least 2-3 times per week. To make it...

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3 Easy Prep tips in WordPress Seo

We keep on talking in WordPress SEO about how important it is to use keywords in the title, how social media affects your traffic and about many other aspects. Let’s stop for a second and think that before we start working in this field we need to prepare ourselves for creating content. Yes, you might be a guru in the content marketing industry and you could just sit down and create awesome content which everybody wants to read, but for the rest of us things are not that simple. We might need some help. So, in the next lines...

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3 Cool Ways WordPress SEO Plugins Help You Blog Better

Are you particularly geeky about a subject and want to start a blog? To ensure your content is top-notch, you need to know how WordPress SEO plugins can help. Whether you write about puppies, electronics, sports, or history, it doesn’t matter. Considering 93% of online experiences start with a search engine, SEO should be your top priority. If you already have a blog, don’t worry! It’s never too late to learn about which plugin features are most useful for your website. Here are three such features that you shouldn’t be missing. 01. Make Your Posts Human-Friendly Remember the dreary essays they made you...

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StarBox, the author bio box that’s pushing content marketing to the stars

StarBox the Author Bio Box Content marketing. You hear about it everywhere. You have a faint feeling that you’re starting to even dream about it but thank God you can’t really remember much of what you’ve dreamt. You’re really starting to feel like an expert in the field although you’ve only read about it twice or three times in the past two months. It doesn’t matter. You’ve heard so much chatter about it lately that documentation is obsolete. You have already became a guru of content marketing. What does a content marketing Guru have to do with a WordPress plugin? First...

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What to do before writing an article for your WordPress SEO blog ?

To make the most out of your articles, you need to first prepare your work for them. Today, we establish the steps you need to take before you start typing away on your WordPress SEO blog. You need to have some information clear before starting to make the most engaging articles ever. Choosing the Hit Keyword Before writing an article, it is very important to choose a keyword that is searched by readers. The best one for your WordPress SEO blog would be one you can easily rank for. With the Keyword Research Tool from Squirrly, you can find out really fast...

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