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Author: Cristina Coroiu

7 On-Site SEO Problems That Hold Back E-commerce Sites

When the possibility for businesses to manage their operations online first came across, it was hard to predict the magnitude it will take. Practically, the Internet has changed the retail industry to the point where e-commerce sites are now a prerequisite for both new businesses and experienced ones seeking to expand their operations – be it locally or globally. And, as 2018 is fast approaching, we’re going to walk through a few trends shaping up the online business world. A few of them would be: ensuring an optimal cross-platform experience; better big data absorption; more proficient use of analytics; optimal user...

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The 11 Best Ways to Learn WordPress Before and After Launching Your Blog

If you have the impression WordPress is the leading content management platform … you’re right. Rookie bloggers, eCommerce stores, big companies – each user can find an optimal way of writing and displaying their content. It’s about the responsivness, flexibility, and range of plugins that help you learn WordPress to improve your blogging workflow. Now, you can use WordPress on two levels. Mind you, these are my own concepts, not an ultimate classification 😀 : WP neophyte – you just install WP, set up your initial settings, maybe get one or two plugins to help your content look and rank better. WP crackerjack – they’ll...

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How I Added Twitter Cards in My WordPress for Better Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing involves a lot of publishing and it’s good to start doing it like the best publishers in the industry. In this short tutorial, I want to show you how I added the Twitter Cards to my WordPress site. First of all, I used Squirrly SEO. Don’t worry, the Twitter Cards option of it is and always will be FREE, regardless of your choice to stick with the free plan or upgrade to PRO. Let’s get straight to it then. Rocking Your Inbound Marketing with Awesome Twitter Cards: the Easy Way Step 1 Step 2 After you are done with Step 2, scroll...

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Why should small business include WordPress SEO in their marketing budget ?

Given the fact that people spend more time on-line, researching products, WordPress SEO is one aspect that every business should take into account in their overall internet marketing strategy. Many companies still spend more of their budget on the sales department, as even Chris Fell states in his article on Bussiness2Community. If that made sense when people found out about the product they wanted to acquire from the vendors, and, in many cases directly from a shop, that is no longer the case. WordPress SEO location in the on-line marketing map A healthy on-line marketing strategy should integrate more aspects, like...

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6 Steps In Achieving a Good Workflow For The Best SEO

Having a website on WordPress, you will start wondering “how can I make my site, one of those popular sites”. There are many possibilities but I suggest you concentrate on making it the best SEO WordPress site. Lots of time and energy will be put into this, but this part will actually show good results. The great part is that you can actually do this work on your own and make it have the best SEO possible. To keep relevant on the internet, you have to keep on writing content at least 2-3 times per week. To make it...

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