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Author: Cristina Coroiu

Tested Content Tools: 10 Experts Share Their Winning Tips

You know that content marketing is the king, the queen and all the other members of the royal marketing family all wrapped into one. So let’s take a bow, and move on to something you might not have (seriously) considered until now. Whether your content strategy will be successful or not highly depends on the nature of your content and on the content tools you use.  In other words, on how well you manage the content creation process for your blog’s posts. Delivering high-quality, targeted (preferably EPIC) content is super hard. Doing it consistently is even harder. In many...

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The Modern Rules of Content Writing

Content Writing Has Silent, Unwritten Rules. Do You Know What They Are? The entire goal of content writing is centered around a single thing in every business: the bottom line. That number that differentiates failure from success. If they are to maintain a successful bottom line, modern businesses have to adapt to new rules. Click To Tweet Gone are the days of writing a brief article, posting it on your blog and awaiting the results. Content writing isn’t only limited to words. Follow these rules and you’ll have a great start for your business: photo credit: William J. Sisti‘s Flickr 1) The...

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Personal Branding Tips For Beginners: How To Easily Get Started

Think about a person you admire dearly. Right away, not only their name popped into your head but also those specific traits and qualities that define them. If someone asked you more details about this person, you would be able to outline on the spot what recommends them. That, my dear reader, is called personal branding done right. So, what do you want people to say about you? We want to give a helping hand here, that’s why we compiled this article with personal branding tips for beginners. If you think that this article is not enough, then download our free straightforward...

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7 On-Site SEO Problems That Hold Back E-commerce Sites

When the possibility for businesses to manage their operations online first came across, it was hard to predict the magnitude it will take. Practically, the Internet has changed the retail industry to the point where e-commerce sites are now a prerequisite for both new businesses and experienced ones seeking to expand their operations – be it locally or globally. And, as 2018 is fast approaching, we’re going to walk through a few trends shaping up the online business world. A few of them would be: ensuring an optimal cross-platform experience; better big data absorption; more proficient use of analytics; optimal user...

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The 11 Best Ways to Learn WordPress Before and After Launching Your Blog

If you have the impression WordPress is the leading content management platform … you’re right. Rookie bloggers, eCommerce stores, big companies – each user can find an optimal way of writing and displaying their content. It’s about the responsivness, flexibility, and range of plugins that help you learn WordPress to improve your blogging workflow. Now, you can use WordPress on two levels. Mind you, these are my own concepts, not an ultimate classification 😀 : WP neophyte – you just install WP, set up your initial settings, maybe get one or two plugins to help your content look and rank better. WP crackerjack – they’ll...

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