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Author: Cristina Coroiu

Top Shopify Apps from Product Hunt that Will Help Your Store

Using the best and latest Shopify Apps can give any E-commerce Shop owner a competitive advantage over their competition. But staying on top of all the changes and newly-launched tools can be a hassle on its own. That’s where Product Hunt comes in. It is primarily a platform for whoever wants to showcase products to an audience of investors, journalists, and tech fans in general. If you know a great tool (whether it’s for Shopify or not) you can add it to the platform and become a hunter. There have even been Shopify Store owners who have launched on Product Hunt....

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Targeted Shopify Strategies That Will Drive Sales

What your Shopify site needs in order for you to enjoy more money out of your online store is more traffic, as well as more conversions. Today, we’re counting down a few marketing strategies that will actually drive sales to your shop. Our suggestions vary from social media promotion to sales strategies and much more. However, the great part is that we’ll also offer you the steps and the tools you need to implement these tactics in your own marketing strategy. So, let’s get down to business and start planning your Shopify Strategies: 1. Instagram Product Listing and Promotion A well-crafted...

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How To Create A Successful Online Store With Shopify

So you want to start your successful online store with Shopify – well I think that is fantastic! Being your own boss is challenging. It can even be super rewarding and fun. After you set up the store, the most critical part is distribution. How do you distribute the products in your store to people who want to buy them? (don’t worry; this question will be answered) I’ve been a web designer for many years now, and I’ve helped clients build successful stores. However, taking all I’ve learned, I went ahead and built my own. In this article, you’ll see some of the...

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Tested Content Tools: 10 Experts Share Their Winning Tips

You know that content marketing is the king, the queen and all the other members of the royal marketing family all wrapped into one. So let’s take a bow, and move on to something you might not have (seriously) considered until now. Whether your content strategy will be successful or not highly depends on the nature of your content and on the content tools you use.  In other words, on how well you manage the content creation process for your blog’s posts. Delivering high-quality, targeted (preferably EPIC) content is super hard. Doing it consistently is even harder. In many...

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The Modern Rules of Content Writing

Content Writing Has Silent, Unwritten Rules. Do You Know What They Are? The entire goal of content writing is centered around a single thing in every business: the bottom line. That number that differentiates failure from success. If they are to maintain a successful bottom line, modern businesses have to adapt to new rules. Click To Tweet Gone are the days of writing a brief article, posting it on your blog and awaiting the results. Content writing isn’t only limited to words. Follow these rules and you’ll have a great start for your business: photo credit: William J. Sisti‘s Flickr 1) The...

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