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Author: Ana Darstaru

How to Identify Your Customer’s Struggles and Write Useful Articles [Infographic]

Every business has customers who have struggles and problems they’re trying to solve. And I can tell you right away your customers are no different. Think of your customers’ problems as opportunities.    By knowing the biggest problems they’re facing, you have the chance to make a real impact on them. Right now, you probably don’t know what those struggles are because you haven’t identified them yet. The title of this article is no click-bait. I’m going to show you 6 guaranteed ways you can start using right away to determine customers problems. Then, the only thing left for you to do is to...

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Make My Business Rank High in Google

When you say “make my business rank high in google” it’s amazingly easy for me to do that for you. Honestly. Ask me right now. I could make your business rank high in Google in about 2 days. Maybe even faster. You wanna know how? Let’s say you have the business “Carpet Cleaners Industry” (that’s a funky name) and you tell me to rank your business. I’d look at your site first, to make sure you have a website for your business, otherwise what in the world am I going to rank … Okay, so you have your site: (I...

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Developing a Personal Brand: 8 Powerful Tools We Recommend

Developing a personal brand takes time, so you want to start as soon as possible. By building a brand around you, people will think what YOU want them to when they see or hear your name. For this purpose, we recommend using a set of tools. We’ll present a few of them in this article, along with our advice on how they can help in your personal branding process. Don’t you just love tools that can make your life easier? I know I do. Developing a Personal Brand 101: The Tools We Recommend We’ve written quite a few articles about developing a...

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Startup Tools List – The Amazing Free Services That Will Improve Your Work

Coming up with a startup tools list is a challenging task if you want to actually mention tools that offer the most for the smallest price. You can’t usually find free useful features or companies that offer $0/month pricing on every corner. But, if you look hard enough, you will discover the answer you are looking for. Our startup tools list takes the different aspects that need to be taken care of into consideration – not to mention the many ways to minimize the effort and expenses for an entrepreneur. When starting on this journey, you need to focus on your work, on creating...

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5 Most Inspirational Bloggers In Asia [#infographic]

Last week, I created an infographic with the 5 Most Inspirational Bloggers In The World. Some of our readers asked me why I didn’t make an Asian version too. That was a good idea actually, so here it is: our mini-series with the most inspirational bloggers continues. Because of your special request, today I bring you this infographic with my favorite Asian bloggers. It doesn’t matter where you are from – you can still become a great and inspirational blogger. Here is an infographic with the most inspirational Asian...

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