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Author: Ana Darstaru

History of SEO: Important Then Vs. Now Changes You Have to Know

Before we actually get started on the history of SEO, let’s have a look at some chronological milestones. Just to put things into perspective. The Earth formed roughly 65 billion years ago. The first signs of life date back 3.8 billion years ago. Life has seen five major extinction events so far. “The Great Leap Forward” for humanity happened 80.000 years ago. The Industrial Revolution happened roughly one century ago. The Digital Revolution took place less than 60 years ago. The Internet appeared roughly 35 years ago. The first search engine – Archie – was created in 1990. The...

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Domain Age: What It Is And Why It’s Important For Search Engines

If you’ve been working in the digital marketing field for a while, with focus on SEO strategies, you most likely know some basic notions about the term domain age. Even if the term does not have a complicated definition, not everyone is familiar with how it can influence their website’s success and how it ranks in search results. So in this article, we will explore three major aspects of this Google ranking factor: what it stands for, its importance and how you can make sure it won’t influence your ranking position. What Is The Domain Age? As the term implies,...

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One Tool that Can Help You With Local Keyword Research

Oftentimes, the art of online marketing seems to employ skills which rather resemble a flair for archery. Designing campaigns, adjusting user experience or planning out a campaign budget – all these have something in common: They HAVE to be well-aimed. Otherwise, you lose on marketing weaponry. To avoid this, you need to shape up a local SEO strategy with solid local keyword research at its core. Bottom line is that it’s costly not to set straightforward targets from the get-go. As long as you follow the local path, your digital marketing efforts will no longer look like the GIF below....

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Why is Keyword Research Important When Writing a SEO Optimized Article

The majority of website owners when that are just getting started with learning about SEO, they focus on keywords, and how to write SEO optimized articles. Over time, I noticed that different marketers tend to ask the same questions. Why is Keyword Research Important When Writing a SEO Optimized Article ? Hopefully, this article will serve as a guide and will help you better understand the importance of keywords. First of all, let’s begin by describing what the type of keywords you can choose when writing a SEO optimized article, according to this post. 1. General keywords These are one-word type keywords. When we’re not...

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Keyword Research: Do’s and Don’ts

You just built your new blog/website/whatever and you are extremely excited about it. The content is great and witty, your friends support you, you got some likes on Social Media, but the views aren’t quite the ones you expected. Nor is the paging rank in Google or any other search engine. What might be the problem, you ask? Well, it might be the lack of keywords or the way you use them. What are keywords and why are they so important? Imagine that the Internet is an enormous database, with loads and loads of files full of information, stacked together by some...

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