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Author: Ana Darstaru

Startup Tools List – The Amazing Free Services That Will Improve Your Work

Coming up with a startup tools list is a challenging task if you want to actually mention tools that offer the most for the smallest price. You can’t usually find free useful features or companies that offer $0/month pricing on every corner. But, if you look hard enough, you will discover the answer you are looking for. Our startup tools list takes the different aspects that need to be taken care of into consideration – not to mention the many ways to minimize the effort and expenses for an entrepreneur. When starting on this journey, you need to focus on your work, on creating...

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5 Branding Tools That Will Empower Busy Marketers

Did you know that 60% of marketers create at least one piece of content every day? If you’re one of them, you know how much time-consuming this job can be. So, the right branding tools for busy marketers can make a real difference. Most people are highly productive between 9AM and 12PM. Do people stop working after 12 PM? Well no, but productivity tends to drop massively. You should also add another interesting fact to this equation. In the last 20 years, working hours have increased by 15%. The opposite goes for leisure time – decreased by 33%. Time management has reached vital importance. You can...

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Creating Amazing Content: The Best Tools You Need to Try

Some might say that creating amazing content isn’t an exact science. That it just “takes talent” to write something that will catch the eye of netizens. Squirrly respectfully disagrees with that statement. The tools we’ll present today will drive our point home. And improve your writing, no doubt. Without further ado, here are 8 tools that will supercharge your writing skills. 1.Squirrly SEO Plugin You could, in theory, optimize your content for SEO without the help of a plugin. There are handy guides on how to do so. But why waste so much time reading guides when you could be doing all of...

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Tested Content Tools: 10 Experts Share Their Winning Tips

You know that content marketing is the king, the queen and all the other members of the royal marketing family all wrapped into one. So let’s take a bow, and move on to something you might not have (seriously) considered until now. Whether your content strategy will be successful or not highly depends on the nature of your content and on the content tools you use.  In other words, on how well you manage the content creation process for your blog’s posts. Delivering high-quality, targeted (preferably EPIC) content is super hard. Doing it consistently is even harder. In many...

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The Modern Rules of Content Writing

Content Writing Has Silent, Unwritten Rules. Do You Know What They Are? The entire goal of content writing is centered around a single thing in every business: the bottom line. That number that differentiates failure from success. If they are to maintain a successful bottom line, modern businesses have to adapt to new rules. Click To Tweet Gone are the days of writing a brief article, posting it on your blog and awaiting the results. Content writing isn’t only limited to words. Follow these rules and you’ll have a great start for your business: photo credit: William J. Sisti‘s Flickr 1) The...

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