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Author: April

How Can Content Marketing Agencies Improve Ecommerce Strategies

If you work in eCommerce, this article is right up your alley. There’s no denying that content marketing has become the norm when it comes to how businesses promote their brands. Businesses like yours have the most to gain from using this digital marketing strategy, as generating interest and attracting more visitors to websites are two of its major strong points. Ecommerce strategies need careful planning, since owning a site is very different than owning a real life store. Therefore, using the same marketing tactics is not a good option. No one will see your website walking on their way home. The chances of...

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Why Content Marketing Startups Need to Have a Mobile-Friendly Website

Mobile users are growing not only in numbers, but in importance as well. Click To Tweet There is no denying this. If a content marketing startup is to have any success in this day and age, then investing in a mobile-friendly website needs to come first on your to-do list. You might not consider this a priority, but keep in mind that 2013 was the year mobile users actually managed to surpass desktop users on Facebook. Still don’t think it’s a big deal? According to a recent study, mobile users not only tied PC users in 2014, but actually surpassed them in...

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