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Author: April

These Tips Will Improve Your Healthcare Content Marketing Strategy

You might find this hard to believe, but even hospitals and clinics have taken to creating valuable content. Yes, healthcare content marketing is a thing in this day and age. However, this is not something that should be seen in a negative light. Consumers, patients included, have an easier time trusting a brand, be it a large company or a hospital, if it focuses more on quality content and less on ads. It’s no secret that content marketing is the future, so it’s only natural that all industries adapt to it. But how can hospitals and clinics ensure their content...

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The Excellent Results of Content Marketing as Told by the Big Companies

There is no denying that content marketing became a worldwide known trend over the last decades. That is not only because it is clean, clear and easy to use, but it also has amazing results as all the big companies have shown us. Some of them turned to online marketing sooner rather than later. Others just went with the flow. But how and, most importantly, why do the results of content marketing make such a big fuss in the online community? We wondered about that and during our search for the answer we stumbled upon these amazing stories from big companies. Strategy is...

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7 Content Marketing Strategies You Never Knew You Should Try

Content Marketing is Directly Dependent upon Engagement Engagement is the key to effective content marketing. To attract attention, you have to find multiple avenues of engagement. There’s two ways to lure engagement: creating content that is entertaining and creating content that is educational. To get someone’s attention, you open with the entertainment factor. To keep their engagement, you have to satisfy their ever-present craving of “What’s in it for me?”  You can do this by supplying valuable, educational information that your target audience will eat up. Although this is easier said than done, there are 7 content marketing strategies that you...

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How Content Marketing Helps Real Estate Marketing Directors

When it comes to buying property, people are understandably skeptical and slow to trust. After all, it’s a big decision, and people can’t afford to make a bad call. For the everyday people, real estate companies are just companies. At first, a company doesn’t have a face or voice, so that’s where content marketing comes in. It helps the customer connect with the seller and builds trust between them. The National Association of Realtor’s study has concluded that 90% of property buyers use the internet when searching for homes and that 70% believe that a real estate company that produces custom content is interested in...

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7 Real Estate Companies that Choose to Outsource Their Content Marketing

Now that we’ve talked about content marketing and the benefits of working with an agency, I think it ‘d be good to show you a few examples of real estate companies that did choose to outsource their content marketing jobs and had to gain because of this. You too could one day be featured on such a list. In that case, your primary concern should be choosing the right agency. Why these real estate companies choose to outsource content marketing While we have several articles on the subject, let’s take a quick look at why these businesses in particular...

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