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Author: April

5 Best Drag and Drop WordPress Page Builders Compared (2017)

WordPress is hands down the most popular CMS in the world. One of the main reasons why people love it so much is the fact that you can build and customize a site however you’d like without having to know how to code. There are plenty WordPress page builders out there which are designed to help WP site owners change the page layouts and create a beautiful look for them. So if you’re looking for a convenient and easy way to customize the look of your site, then you’ll find page builders extremely helpful.      Why Use WordPress Page Builders These drag...

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How To Create A Successful Online Store With WordPress

So you want to start your own successful online store with WordPress – well I think that is fantastic! Being your own boss is challenging and rewarding. It can even be super rewarding and fun. After you setup the store, the most important part is distribution. How do you distribute the products in your store to people who want to buy them? (don’t worry; this question will be answered) I’ve been a webdesigner many years ago and I’ve helped clients build successful stores. However, taking all I’ve learned, I went ahead and built my own. In this article, you’ll...

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Why I wouldn’t choose WPEngine again for my online store on WordPress

[this article is an appendix to my guide on starting a successful online store with WordPress] Everything that WpEngine offers on their site sounds amazing. Security, managed hosting, staging / production, 24/7 ticketed support, daily backups of your site and many others. When I had my first online store, (in 2014), I ended up conving my co-founders for the store to buy a WP Engine subscription. And it was perfect. Mostly, it was as advertised. So why am I so upset at them? Moving. After a while the Steam Games (computer games) we were selling on our store...

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SproutSocial Didn’t See Booming Success Overnight: Content Marketing Helped!

Let’s be honest: No company has truly seen success overnight. Some have seen faster improvements, true. Others used content marketing to get where they are today. Take SproutSocial, for example. If you look at their “About” page, you will see that they have more than 16,000 customers using their services at any one time. Their team has also grown into a powerhouse. With 200 employees, it’s no wonder. But how exactly did they arrive at this point? They Made It Easier for Brands to Leverage Social Media Justyn Howard, the CEO of the company, needed a tool to make communication across...

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5 Marketing Tools That Will Make Your Website an SEO Paradise

Any discussion about marketing tools should start with three questions. Do you know how many websites are there? The truth is, it’s pretty hard to tell the exact number because of the constant fluctuation, but there are more than one billion. Do you know how many websites Google shows on the first page for any search? 9 or 10. How can your site beat the other one billion websites to the first page? Simple – with excellent SEO. The problem is that getting the hang of how a search engine works is not precisely a cakewalk. There are a...

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