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Author: April

How to Nail SEO, PPC and CRO for Shopify

Starting an online store is now handier than it has ever been. There are several feature-rich e-commerce platforms available out there to choose from, with Shopify being among the ones which gain popularity. After all, the Canadian company has over 600.000 active stores as I’m writing this.  Yes, starting an e-commerce store is easy. But successfully running it is not. Between learning how to nail SEO, managing your Pay-Per-Click campaigns and dealing with Conversion Rate Optimization, you may find yourself caught in a web of new knowledge which can be quite intimidating. E-commerce is a challenging environment. And with the number of online stores multiplying by the day, visitors...

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How To Make Money With A WordPress Blog

Each day, millions of people are searching for ways of making money online. We can conclude this is an important subject for many site owners. But it might seem like a complicated process with overwhelming options. Should you start an e-commerce, an online business, or write a blog? That’s why today we’ll focus on answering one specific question from this field of interest: How To Make Money With A WordPress Blog? There are several ways you can monetize a blog, even if you don’t have your own product or service yet. So today, we’ll focus on giving you the top...

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Why Visitors on Your Site Don’t Remember Your Brand and How to Fix It

Your website gets traffic, but it always seems that you have to work really hard for every single one of the visitors on your site – every single time. Does this sound familiar? If so, it might be because you don’t get returning visitors to your pages and across all pages of your site. The main reason why that happens is that they don’t remember your brand after the first visit and never come back. There are a few probable explanations for why this happens: They don’t even know what site they’re on! This happens when you get referral traffic from social media or other sites. They might find the information provided on your page useful, but they don’t really see it’s a different site or brand. Lack of inner linking. In order for visitors to stay in touch with your brand, they need to see more than one page. If not, they will just go back to the platform where they found your content and never reach your site again. Not knowing how visitors who reach your site navigate it. Remember that not everyone starts with the Home page. When you don’t know how people get to one page or another on your site, there is no way of making sure they come back. You don’t offer visitors chances to take any actions. They need a simple action such as liking your Facebook...

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Looking for An Unconventional Marketing Strategy That Works? Top 7 Choices

As site owners and marketers, we’re all looking for that one new, revolutionary digital marketing strategy that works. From the traditional content creation efforts to social media promotion, many of the strategies we employ just aren’t bringing the same results they did in the past. But all is not lost. You just have to shift your perspective and you’ll get the success you are striving for. In this article, we’ll let you discover 7 unconventional marketing strategies that have the potential to bring you the results you really want. So are you ready to change the way you interact with your online audience for a better outcome? Then keep on reading. 1. Interactive Marketing This marketing strategy that works is all about encouraging an active partnership between the consumer and the marketing campaign. It basically involves a change of focus: from the brand telling the story, to the story being born out of the conversation between the brand and the audience. The reason this plan works is that customers are demanding a better online experience. That translates into the buyers wanting the brand to understand them as individuals and create experiences that are unique and personalized for them. One brand that applies this marketing strategy that works is Amazon. They use their customers’ names in all their materials – from the actual platform to email campaigns. It’s easier to start a...

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Creating Amazing Content: The Best Tools You Need to Try

Some might say that creating amazing content isn’t an exact science. That it just “takes talent” to write something that will catch the eye of netizens. Squirrly respectfully disagrees with that statement. The tools we’ll present today will drive our point home. And improve your writing, no doubt. Without further ado, here are 8 tools that will supercharge your writing skills. 1.Squirrly SEO Plugin You could, in theory, optimize your content for SEO without the help of a plugin. There are handy guides on how to do so. But why waste so much time reading guides when you could be doing all of...

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