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Author: April

A Practical SEO Guide for Shopify Store Owners

As this is a practical SEO guide, I’m not going to promise that your store will reach the first position on Google after taking just 5 simple actions. I can, however, make a different claim: Your shop and all your product pages will have improved Google rankings. And, in the end, that’s one of your top priorities. You want people to be able to find you and see your products. Converting them into buyers is something that your own shop will have to focus on. What search engines offer you is a way in for the customers. Therefore, it’s important that...

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5 On-Site SEO Problems That Hold Back Shopify Stores

When the possibility for businesses to manage their activity online first came around, it was hard to predict the magnitude it will reach. The Internet has practically changed the retail industry to a point where e-commerce sites are now a prerequisite for both new businesses and experienced ones seeking to expand their operations – be it locally or globally. It’s important to stay ahead of the Shopify Stores trends, so we’re going to mention a few main influences shaping up the online business world right now. Some of them are: ensuring an optimal cross-platform experience; better big data absorption; more proficient use...

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What Success Looks Like for an Online Store

When it comes to running an Online Store, the Internet gives you a misconceived idea of what success is and how it looks like. Those people who advertise overnight success and that one “special” tactic that will get you there must be kidding with their affirmations. The truth is that, like most other business owners, you have to work smart to reach success. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible to achieve, though. But you should not get discouraged if you don’t make money while you’re sleeping in the first month after you’ve opened your Shopify Store. This article is meant to...

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How To Growth Hack Your Shopify Store

It’s already been eight years since Sean Ellis coined the term growth hacking. If you remember, a few years ago, everyone was talking about it to the point that many people got sick of it. It was so crazy that people were using the concept only to clickbait visitors and drive traffic to their site, whether they owned a Shopify store, a blog, or a company website. Fast-forward to 2018, and we can see that growth hacking has stopped being a buzzword for a while now. Despite this, your Shopify online store can benefit from using growth hack tactics because...

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How to Nail SEO, PPC and CRO for Shopify

Starting an online store is now handier than it has ever been. There are several feature-rich e-commerce platforms available out there to choose from, with Shopify being among the ones which gain popularity. After all, the Canadian company has over 600.000 active stores as I’m writing this.  Yes, starting an e-commerce store is easy. But successfully running it is not. Between learning how to nail SEO, managing your Pay-Per-Click campaigns and dealing with Conversion Rate Optimization, you may find yourself caught in a web of new knowledge which can be quite intimidating. E-commerce is a challenging environment. And with the number of online stores multiplying by the day, visitors...

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