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Author: April

Lesson 3: 300 readers and Hashtag Research

Thanks for opening this lesson up for a good read. In Lesson 2, we started working on improving the way we post updates on social media to our followers. We basically showed you how we did it and made you implement the best tactics yourself. See? This is the best thing about this course: you get to implement from us just the stuff that works, and you don’t have to go through everything and mess up like we did until we found this #winning method. So, let’s begin with Lesson 3 and show you the benchmark box for this...

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Lesson 2: The Road to 300 Readers – Followers, Hashtags and Communities

Last time, in Lesson 1 I told you that this course will be all about getting 300 readers to each blog article you write. I also made a promise that all of this will be highly actionable. The first lesson was the only one that was all talk. This new lesson is ALL Action. Let’s begin. You most probably already have a twitter account set up, a facebook account, a linkedIn account and a google+ account. These are all must-haves if you want to start getting traffic from social media (for free). I am not going to show you...

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Lesson 1: Gaining 300 Readers per Blog Article By Leveraging Social Media

Make it Your Story: Grow a Reader-base, Convert them, Get Revenue This is the best course we’ve done until now. And you’re getting it for free. [UPDATE 17th of February 2016, after more than One Year of running this course to our very exclusive list]  300 Readers or 10,000 Visits This Month ? – The Update that explains it all. I hope you’re ready for massive growth. I really do. We’ve published the article: 9 Business Phrases You Should Avoid to Not Sound Dumb on the 9th of February. Most people will publish an article on a blog, and then...

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Stay Ahead of Your Competition’s Marketing Strategy

We’ve already shared a lot of basic SEO tactics in the past few articles that should be a part of any marketer’s vocabulary. I think it’s about time we get to advanced marketing strategy as well. If you still need some first-steps help, you can check out this article first.  Today, we’ll focus on those SEO tactics that go beneath the surface of just having a Google Friendly site. These are tactics that can help you outrank even the big giants of e-Commerce. But to correctly understand and apply them, you need to realize that SEO is not a...

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Don’t Leave Money on The Table with Your Store’s Marketing Strategy

When it comes to marketing strategies for Shopify, many store owners tend to only focus on the obvious, mainstream tactics. Problem is, in the long run, these may not necessarily be the most effective ones for their shop. That means that great social media platforms, niche directories, or even low hanging fruit SEO opportunities get overlooked. So, don’t leave money on the table by exclusively directing your marketing budget towards ads from the start. Consider the options we present in this article and examine the time and cost it will take you to cash in on these opportunities first. That doesn’t...

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