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Author: April

How to Write Your Own Author Bio Description

Do you find it hard to describe yourself in just a few words? I know the feeling. In fact, I find it extremely difficult to write short descriptions about myself. I know my name, I know what I do and what I’m good at but somehow, all I see is a blank space whenever I need to write my author bio. It’s frustrating, especially when you don’t want to waste a lot of time, but you still want to write a quality bio. One that stands out, paints you in the best light and positively influences how readers perceive...

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6 Tested Personal Branding Tips For Social Media Authority

Almost anyone with a smartphone and an Internet connection is using a social media network. Numbers don’t lie. Facebook is still the leader of social media networks with about 2 billion monthly active users. Instagram has about 700 million users, while Twitter has about 328 million. So building your personal brand includes having a presence on social media. Here are six personal branding tips for your social media profiles. 1.Clean Everything Up and Be Professional Before you get started with anything regarding personal branding, do a general clean-up. You may have some embarrassing photos you posted years ago. You may have left some foul language comments...

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An Up-to-Date Guide on Good SEO Content vs. Bad SEO Content

SEO has always needed you to tweak your site’s code. Back in the day when it was all about making spammy pages rank with ‘black hat’ tactics, SEO actually felt a bit like hacking. Nowadays these tactics have been long eliminated by all of Google’s updates. SEO has also become more approachable for site owners. Now there is good SEO content as well as bad. So in today’s article. I’ll focus on up-to-date tactics that can improve your online marketing strategy. Because even if you aren’t creating poor content and trying to trick Search Engines your site might still...

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A Practical SEO Guide for Woocommerce Site-Owners

As this is a practical SEO guide, I’m not going to promise that your site will reach the first position on Google after taking just 5 simple actions. I can, however, make a different claim: Your site and all your pages will rank up! And, in the end, that’s what you want. You want people to be able to find you and look at your products. Converting them into buyers is something that your own site will have to focus on. What search engines offer you is a way in for the customers. Therefore, it’s important that your future buyers...

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5 Best Popular Posts Plugins for WordPress

Have you noticed that, when you stumble upon a website that has a popular posts section on their site, you tend to read more of their content? It’s like you’re instantly drawn into the brand’s world and before you know it, you’ve already become engaged with the site. So how can you take advantage of this effortless tactic? The answer: you need to use popular posts plugins for WordPress. Your goal is to make any visitor that arrives on your site take a look at other pages as well. So if you’ve invested a lot of time writing some...

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